The New Wave: Why Everyone is Choosing Internet Radio


— 129 Million Americans listened to Internet radio LAST MONTH. (Just think what that number is globally?).

— On-line listening audience has doubled every 5 years. Which will increase even faster with all the hand held listening devices on the market.

— Soundexchange paid out 262 million in Internet royalties last year, ( (A lot of that to INDEPENDENT ARTISTS).

— Major labels want Artists that are making a profit. Start making money on Download Sales & Royalties for play.

— Less politics than Major FM radio & a GREAT WAY TO TEST YOUR SONG!

— FM Radio DJ’s & On-Air personalities are starting their own Internet Radio Stations.

— We can track all on-line spins with weekly Digital Radio Tracker Reports.

— Its Affordable, for thousands of guaranteed on-line spins.

The game is changing. Internet Radio is where Labels & Artists need to be.


This article is for Indie and Major artist alike, its the New Wave so don’t get left behind! Allow me to help spread your presence on all the hottest internet radio waves! Hit me up today to be featured on B100Radio, WorldstarhitRadio, KingShxtRadio, DigitalDopeRadio, + More!


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