The War on Twitter Part 1 Starring: Nicki Minaj , Taylor Swift + Perez Hilton

I don’t even know where to start. 1st of all twitter, in my opinion is a platform for people to express themselves to the world, their fans, enemies, etc…. without ever having to directly say something to them. Ok, lets start where ya boy (or girl) Perez Hilton threw mega shade at all the nominees for Video Of The Year. Apparently, he thought he was giving a S/O to them stating: minajtweetpart1


Bih Whet! People of Color tho???? Poor lil Nicki with her bird brains couldn’t focus on the fact that a gay Caucasian just used a completely racist slur to “congratulate” the nominees before dissing her. She replied with a “Bitter Tweet” as follows:




In my mind, I’m like bih really? Your video (Anaconda)  displays you all over the placed half naked bouncing your ass the way Sir Mixalot did his video years ago, no REAL choreography & you want a fucking award? GTFOH But that’s just my thoughts. Perez Hilton so caught up in being messy he did not congratulate his own race Taylor Swift who was nominated in the very same category. Speaking of Taylor Swift she surely did not keep quiet during Nicki’s rants:



Nicki Continued on and on: minajtweetpart5Needless to say, this was interesting and competive “spoilness” as I call it from Nicki. Listen Nicki sweetie, you cant win everything.minajtweetpart3


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