The War on Twitter Part 2: Starring Meek Mill, Meek Mill, and oh yes Meek Mill!

This was so “twilight” I’m not even gonna commentate, Just look at the foolery going on. The Twitter Beef seems to have started when Drake refused to tweet out Meek’s Album. Then suddenly Meek stated Drake doesn’t  write his rhymes so refrain from comparing him to dude. Lets began,

MeekTweet MeekTweet1 MeekTweet2 MeekTweet4


Dude went at the Radio and everything, hilarious shawty! Man, he made such a fuss other celebrities wanted in on it. Peep the tweet from Bruno Mars & Chris Breezy:



It gets even funnier, Roscoe Dash decided to get his 11 secs of fame along with OG Crako and tweet some in-sight on the situation. Im not even gonna post their tweets, I’m tryna keep the story relevant lol. I don’t know how to feel at the moment because I’m a Drake fan & I definitely rock with Meek too. Honestly, if Drake does not write his own lyrics it’s no biggie to me because who else gonna deliver it the way he do??? Music is about the feeling with me not the mathematics, and paperwork behind it. DrakeReppingMeekI love an angry man at times who is outspoken like Meek however, I found a picture & it was rather disturbing. Kinda made me look at Meek sideways. Like really? He repped you tho …… Also, the Council of Toronto Norm Kelly took to twitter



Negros round my way go to war about who represent for em while they down bad (in jail) . From the looks of this picture, Drake was in front of 1000’s of his very own fans with this man FACE on his shirt. It goes back to the old saying

” you can do 100 things for a person, soon as you don’t do 1 its a problem”

I wonder how serious Norm Kelly’s word are, telling the Philly Connection they absolutely not allowed in Toronto. As if that wasnt enuff coonery, funny man Michael Blackson posted a pic on instagram throwing a lil shade at Meek as well. Blackson stated he’s heading to get some of the crack Meek been smoking lmao! mb


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