Did Rihanna Spill Some Tea or is This a Hoax

Ok world, I’m not sure if it is the full moon or just bordem. But last night a tweet was sent out & 100’s of screen shots were taken. I’ve waited patiently all day to see if any blogs or major twitter accounts would speak on it, however its been brushed under the rug. Let me just put this out here & see what y’all think.


Now, I’m not confirming nor denying this tweet. It could have easily been sent by the songstress seeing how she gets down on the tour bus, or it can easily be a hoax thrown out peoplecoverjune2014there then screen shot by many. I do remember last year when rumors were going around about he and Bad Girl RiRi, I know you remember this people cover.


That is supposed to be water under the bridge, why would RiRi say that? Was she high & someone on her team told her to delete it? Was a fan bored, and creatively threw that out there while Twitter was on fire? Will we ever know? I need answers, let me know what you think.


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