Ask Atown: How u Feel bout Meek n Drake? Future DS2? Do you Manage?

I receive a ton of random questions on a daily basis. So, Ive decide to take time out and as many as I can periodically.

Q. How do you feel about the Meek Mill & Drake beef? 

A: Is that beef really? Honestly I don’t think the “New World” knows what beef is. Making great music is not how quick someone can come up with lyrics off top of their head. That is called free styling. If Drake has a team of writers, they winning shawty. Music is designed to be a release, a feel good time for me. If it took 3-4 of y’all to make me feel that way, so be it. I have absolutely no problem with. Most writers can not rap. Its all in the delivery. As far as Meek goes, I’ve always loved him from watching “The Come Up” dvd and “Raw Report” etc he used to eat niggas alive in battle rap. I felt his hunger. When he became the hottest act on MMG I was like YES!!!! Another cat from the trenches made it. However, coming from the trenches you dont “snitch” or “whistle blow” no matter what it is about. Meek went out bad the last couple weeks in my book and I was actually rooting for him to recover. Each day he sounds more and more like a whining child than a hungry winning n*gga.

Q. What are your favorite DS2 Tracks? 

A: OMG I cant even do a review on this album y’all. Everyday 3 more songs become my favorite, I SWEAR. This week I’ve gravitated toward “I Serve The Bass” and “Stick Talk” 

You know we talk that stick talk, that stick talk
I’m ’bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy
‘Bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy

You can’t understand us cause you’re too soft

Ayyye! (absolute favorite I think). Every album or mixtape he throws a joint in there I cant relate to. On this one, it has to be “Rich Sex” great melody and all but it makes me feel like I’m missing out on something. Ive ony had “Broke Sex” or “Just Paid Bills but we Happy Sex” lately its been “No Sex” lol anyway back to DS2. “Kno The Meaning” started off being my favorite because not every artist can tell a story. This story was so real and heart felt, I think I fell in love with Esco too lol.

Q. Do you Manage? 

A: I have the capabilities to manage, however most artist that are looking for management…. are looking for budgets as well. People always tell me, “Look I got you when we blow” lol so what should I tell my internet service or Ga Power? I will manage a project with proper preparation and budget in place. Its not that I’m not down for your cause or just want your money, its just that if you cant grind hard enough on your own to get investors attention, then this is not for you. For more info on my services:


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