Its My Birthday: I Never Would’ve Made It #MissAtown

September 6 sometime ago in the 80’s, my 18 year old mother gave birth to “Ms April Nichole” aka Miss Atown. I must tell y’all each year it is a task to not only stay alive but to stay free, healthy, and safe. AprilNicholeThe past 12 months I’ve watched innocent lives taken in movie theaters, sweet precious kids killed in school, church members murdered during Bible study, and cops being completely out of control harming citizens even during traffic stops. Threw it all, its the music that allows me to LIVE. It’s a lot of people alive but ain’t living! I woke up thinking: “What is the 1st song I wanna hear this morning as I have made another year?” Last year, my song of choice was Drake “Nigga We Made It” This year it is only one song to sum up the real deal today.  Marvin Sapp’s “I Never Would’ve Made It” please enjoy the video and #PraiseHim


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