Lil Wayne’s [No Ceilings] Mixtape Dropped 6years Ago 2day!

I don’t know about y’all but music is like blood in my veins and it was these types of mixtapes that made my day complete. Im speaking of Lil Wayne No Ceilings. Of course, this is not the only mixtape of its caliber its just 3-4 artist dropping great music right now (in my opinion). This phenominal mixtape dropped on #DatPiff and Wayne always blessed us with just Dj -less tracks that we are already completely familiar with. Like he says “I can jump on anybody song and make a verse 3” lol. His verses fit so perfectly that his mixtape covers ALWAYS get radio airplay and that almost NEVER happens. One of my favorite songs on this mixtape well, all of em honestly. He spared none on “Watch My Shoes” Here are lyrics from the 1st verse:

OK: no ceilings, motherfucker, good morning
Dick in your mouth while you’re yawning, “I’m goin’ in!”
Gudda, why they started me? Marley, why they started me?
I’ll bring it to your front door like you ordered me
Back in this bitch, but a lot more rich
On my Papa Bear shit, need hot porridge
Got a lot more shit than you could ever fathom
A big-head nigga couldn’t even imagine
The shit I do, most doers never done
I’mma fuck this beat and, bitch, you better cum!
Bet I run this shit, I don’t run from shit
I still beat your ass like a fucking drumstick
Weezy Fucking Baby, baby, make the ladies come quick
The money can’t fit in my pockets, but I bet that gun fit
And I’m so unfit, cause all I eat is rappers
And these rappers ain’t shit, I like my fast food faster

OMG Whew! I would keep going but just take a seat and ride the time wave with me…



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