[Single] Tone Scott (@ToneScott​) – Do It For Me

Under his production name “AK,” Tone Scott has created some of the most classic songs in Detroit hip-hop history. Most significantly, he produced Stack Master, debut album of the late Blade Icewood who is known as a legend in the city’s street rap sound. As for his own music, Tone Scott explains what he set out to do on his debut project, The Preview. “I’m doing a lot of collaborations with Detroit artists,” Scott says, “I wanted to use a lot of younger and seasoned artists. I wanted to let people know that I can actually get on the track and hold my own with these guys.” The album was produced entirely by Scott who has also produced for Royce da 5’9”, Obie Trice, and Beanie Siegel.
As if a busy production and rap career isn’t fulfilling enough, Tone Scott is also a film director who created a movie about Detroit gangster legend, T. Stuckey that he describes as a mix between American Gangster and Unsung. Scott is also a philanthropist who has given back to the community for years hosting cookouts, giveaways, and summer events for children, inspired by his own childhood. “I wasn’t always fortunate. I’m the youngest of 5. It’s always been in me to give back,” he says, “It makes me feel good to give back. I honestly think that’s what makes the world go ‘round.”
A philanthropist, film director, as well as artist/producer, Tone Scott explains that sometimes he has to choose which of his hats to wear, “as an artist, you are competing with the best in the world,” he explains, “But as a man, I am always trying to change history…to create history.”

Connect w/ Tone Scott:
​Instagram: @ToneScott​
Facebook: Tone Ak Scott
Twitter: @ToneScott
Booking: MetamorphosisMgmt@gmail.com


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