@1Future & 2015 FBG Wrap Up Video

When 2015 started people were still high off “Monster”, so with the release of “Beast Mode” in January followed by “56 Nights” in March, fans were about to overdose when “DS2” released in July. So when WATTBA broke the internet it was like getting the gift you always wanted but never even asked for. In today’s industry concert sales hold more value than album sales and it’s hard to find artists that achieve Certified Gold and even harder to find, Certified Platinum. Well, both ‘Jumpman’ and ‘Where Ya At?’ went platinum before the new year and still top the Billboard Charts. You can’t turn the radio on without hearing one of his hits—not to mention the songs he has writing credits on. But now that the flames are dying down people are looking for what 2016 has in store. Will 2016 be another FBG takeover? Rumors of a ‘Monster 2’ and ‘Beast Mode 2’ have circulated but no official dates have been released so we’ll have to wait and see. Check out the Wrap Up below!


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