Zoey Dollaz (@ZoeyDollaz) World Premiere “Blow A Check”

Before Diddy placed this song on his latest mixtape “MMM”, it was already tearing up King of Diamonds. Miami’s own, Zoey Dollaz, had a buzz in his hometown before this breakout hit but once Diddy put his stamp on it he went from buzzing to blazing. “Blow a Check” produced by Miami producer Smash David was the first track on his first mixtape, “Who Don’t Like Dollaz” released in August, but don’t think this is beginner’s luck. Backed by FRF Music Group, the Haitian rapper has had to put in a lot of leg work to get his track from strip clubs to mainstream radio. With the world premiere of this video, people are already comparing his single’s success to “Everyday I’m Hustling”, the song that spearheaded Rick Ross’s rise as a rapper and mogul. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s next for this young artist, but if the song doesn’t motivate you to grind, then the futuristic video should.


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