Ghetto The Plug (@GhettoThePlug) | “Pluggin” Vlog Part 1 #RunIt

PlugLogoWith the release of his new single ‘Run It’, Ghetto the Plug’s campaign has crossed state boundaries and connected the new music powerhouse with the old.  From Atlanta to Detroit, one of the latest stops on his promo tour, Ghetto the Plug is taking his movement to the streets in a way that let’s you know why he has that name. The independent music is circuit is growing strength with companies like Detroit vs Everybody more recently shining light on local artists, but the D has always been known for bringing us stars from all genres. Tapping into Detroit’s music scene is definitely a strategic move by the veteran whose new single continues to slowly takeover the airwaves. ‘Run It’ isn’t just a song it’s the anthem for anybody focused on your money, your business, and your grind so don’t be the last one to get plugged in.


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