Law G Shows Face at Atlanta’s Hottest Events

This weekend AG Entertainment hosted the MLK kick-off at the Gold Room, one of the company’s first major events at this location to start the year. AG Entertainment is known to bring the city out, so this was no exception. Law G was in the building and spotted with Chubbie Baby along with a few other artists and entertainers. Following the release of his latest mixtape Law G has been on an impromptu promo run making appearances at Malik Yusuf’s Hip Hop Caucus at Patchwerk Studios, and several showcases. Good Life Music Group is definitely in the building so make sure you’re not the last to hear Law’s new mixtape before it takes over the airwaves.

IMG 2859
IMG 2986
IMG 2991
IMG 3359
IMG 3413
IMG 3426
IMG 3533
IMG 3561
IMG 3566
IMG 2563
IMG 2569
IMG 2575

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