@1Future’s Purple Reign Tour Continues to Shower Fans|Exclusive NYC Footage Future sets the record Straight!

Would you believe that tickets to Future’s Purple Reign tour cost as much as Beyoncé tickets? Yeah. Tickets to Future’s concert in Atlanta peaked at $1200 and to a sold out crowd but fans were let down with hopes for a second show as the 22 city tour moved right on schedule to the next stop. Now in Texas, the tour is entering its West Coast loop before closing out in South Carolina. Both Future, and the opener, Ty Dolla $ign, have released two major projects right before this tour, Purple Reign and Evol for Future, and Airplane Mode and Free TC for Ty Dolla. fuThis gives the artists even more material to perform with and fans more music to vibe to. The two combined are like the King and Prince of the turn-up so imagine how crazy the crowd goes when Ty and Future Hendrix performed “Blasé”. The screams of fans are probably still echoing from the walls but if you missed the show in your city, there’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait until the next tour.

Now, his performance in NYC was definitely something to talk about! He set the RECORD straight on who really the Plug, while he drips in Designer! Please watch the LIVE ACTION below



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