Hip Hop gets Political—T.I. and Other Artists Take Sides on the Upcoming Election

It’s a thin line between business and politics, and the music business is no different. Often artists stay politically neutral for business reasons but recent events and the upcoming election have them being more vocal about their support, and opposition. T.I. left a candid “f**k you and what you stand for” message via Instagram for Trump but he isn’t the only one sounding off. Killer Mike has been an adamant “Feel the Bern” supporter and made a strong speech at Bernie Sanders last rally in Atlanta. Tyler the Creator probably has the most comical but equally strong stance with his “Bernie Loves Niggas” tee, which sold out almost instantly on his site. During Obama’s election Jay and Bey were open supporters and Diddy’s Vote or Die campaign help set a record for young voter turnout. This year the stakes are just as high and after the aftermath of Trump’s Chicago rally, more artists may start to use their musical influence to take a political stand.


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