Zach Farlow (@ZachFarlow) Collabs with Super Producer (@RickyRacksICU) for a New Single

When the track first comes on you may be asking yourself, “Who is this and why am I just hearing this?” Producer Ricky Racks brings out the 808’s for another smash hit, this time with Zach Farlow. In 2013 the Nashville artist found a musical home in Atl with Urban Angel Music Group and released The Great Escape. Fast forward a few years later, and he couldn’t have found a better follow up to his last single D.R.U.G.Z. Laced with the same melodic rhymes and catchy hook, I Do, I Do is an anthem for all the IDGAF moments we have in life. He says in the hook, “I’mma get it it Popping this Summer, I’m hot like the Summer…” and he’s not lying. If his next album is full of star-studded production like the last, we might be witnessing the next big blow artist out of the city.


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