Coalition Djs Host New Music Mondays as @LilSTL shows them what St. Louis is really Bout!

“I like it when you do that right thur” NAW hold up wait! Let us re-introduce you to the streets of St. Louis Missouri via outstanding rap talent “Lil STL” clearly from the name you know he is a native of St Louis. This is not his 1st rodeo in this music game just recently dropping a mixtape with Bigga Rankin last year. Lets face it, you cant bake a cake without the sugar. New Music Mondays IS that sugar that solidifies the cake. Lil STL made the infamous decision of bringing a few singles through to the Coalition Team & by listening to his music you definitely would not assume this kid is from the same city that brought us “Right Thur” & “Air Force Ones”. The yung stunna informed the world that UGK (Pimp C & Bun B) were & still are his icons & inspiration. Coalition Djs were eager to hear more, he delivers quality street music allowing us to see St Louis in a completely different light. We’re leading with hit single ” Drop Dat Bag Off” keep up! Book your private listening today: @NewMusicMondaysATL


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