Who Is Peezly?? Miss Atown is fascinated @OMGPeezly

For those that believe real music is dead, prepare for The Resurrection. Hailing from the city that gave birth to such artists as Andre 3000, Big Boy, Future, and T.I. , Atlanta has a new baby a lyricist by the name Peezly. Peezly is the game resurrected & has plans to restore faith in those who assumed Hip Hop was dead. Breathing new life into the genre Peezly states “There’s more to music than just sex, drugs and money all the time, I make songs that make you feel good while delivering raw & relatable content.” If his drive and determination is not enough to push him to stardom his charm and charisma will certainly take him far.Peezly1

Being a divergent is only part of this young man’s qualities. His ability to bring that street content in one song & sing you to sleep in the next definitely separates Peezly from anyone. If I had to compare him to someone it would be Drake. Now, that’s some comparison right? When asked, “who inspires you?” Without hesitation Peezly answers “Bob Marley, Future & Drake.” I expected Future, I expected Drake, but Marley? I know this kid is special! Stay Tuned and keep up with Everything Peezly!

Follow Peezly:
Twitter: @OMGPeezly Instagram: @Peezly_Perception


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