@DjFunkyATL Team Up @DerajGlobal for UNDERGROUND HYPE 2

If you missed the first Underground Hype then Underground Hype 2 is surely to awake your musical sensors. tape you won’t find anywhere else but from DJ Funky himself. A lot of people call themselves DJ’s but not all DJ’s are breaking records. That’s what this tape is all about, keeping it true to the streets and all the underground artists still grinding. This may be the first time you’ve heard of some these artists but it also features new tracks from Nephew Texas Boy, Yung LA and Spodee, few names familiar to Atlanta’s music scene. Icewear Vezzo, tho he is from Detroit, has been heating up the Atlanta sound wave HEAVY & has a banger on the Album. If you’re not familiar with Super Producer DERAJ then you are not a fan of music. With hittas under his belt like my favorite song SEXTON ft Too Short “Do For It”. Underground Hype isn’t only about breaking artists, but producers and engineers as well. Deraj, who already has made a name for himself as a producer and engineer with Deraj Global, debuts a new track to close out the tape. Artists from Detroit to New Orleans are putting their city on the map thanks to DJ Funky, and longtime vet Too $hort even makes an appearance. From start to finish this tape will have you hype so get plugged in to the real sound of the streets, and download Underground Hype 2.

undergroundhype2front undergroundhype2back


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