Desiigner??? Nahh its VITO (@DNE_VITO) saucing up the Coalition Djs stage!! #Entertainment

A few weeks after rapping up a performance at this year’s A3C Festival, DNE artist Vito blesses fans with a plethora of new music, hinting at a new album. Rich Nigga, Bring Me Tha Cash,  & I Luv It are a few of the latest releases from the tri-city artist who reps for Philly, Cincinnati, and Atlanta. The entire DNE (Dat Naga Ent) team has been making noise surrounding the release of Rich Ni**a, which is produced by none other then DNE’s own Mike D. Throughout A3C members of the DNE team could be found rocking the exclusive Rich Nigga tees designed specifically for this song, and if you’re down with the message you can purchase one too! Everybody want to be a Rich N***a but everybody doesn’t want to put the work in. Speaking of A3C, watch the turn up below as Vito rips the stage & controls the crowd SOLO. Serving us a plate of at least 4 songs, if this is anything how Vito’s concerts will go I definitely wanna be front row! Vito’s 2016 grind has taken him all over the South and back, so what better way to close the year than with a hustler’s anthem.



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