@InaSavaz Host #HEADLINERZ Pop Up Concert at The Warehouse

HEADLINERZ will be hosted by well known brand manager, Ina Savaz who brings together some of the most raw and hot talent across the city. Known for her segment, The Savaz Scoop, on Nu Radio as well as her work with I Love My Plug working closely with DJ Kutt Throat, modeling for DTLR and much more.

Ranging from soul to hip hop this event will provide an intimate setting for the bloggers, publicists, producers, artists and the public to get to know the artists performing. Including hip-hop soulstress Renee the G known for her talented song writing and features on Hip Hop Weekly, Rolling Stone, 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and more. The electrifying soul band, Vintage Nation, is known for the positive human rights awareness shared through their hit single “Cuz I’m Black” featured on iTunes. Sensational R&B singer Richelle L. Brown aka Cornbread, a Stankonia associate, will be hitting the stage with her soothing sounds featured on her tape Purple Tiger Lily, available on Soundcloud. She will also be performing for Outkast’s Motorcycle Club February 3rd. Having worked with artists like Waka Flocka, Ying Yang Twins, Pastory Troy and many more, it’s only right St. Louis producer Louney G will be in attendance performing some of his latest work. As well as Sky Club Records artist and Brooklyn native, Stickz Greenz, who is known for his alternative rap music and hit single “Mamma Coca” available on Soundcloud and iTunes.


The Pop-Up Concert will be hosted by multi-talented entertainment and brand manager Ina Savaz at The Warehouse ( 258 Auburn Ave). Doors open at 9pm with a five dollar charge including RSVP. The showcase will be DJ’d by DJ E Boogie. Performances will include hot new artists Renee the G, Vintage Nation, Richelle L. Brown aka Cornbread, Louney G & Stickz Greenz.


Ina Savaz is a hardworking entertainment agent looking to showcase and present amazing talent to the greats of the music industry as well as the public in order to help continue to build their fast growing fan bases and more. Being an experienced, professional in the entertainment industry, Ina Savaz, presents the best of the best in the Atlanta, GA area and is accredited for some of Atlanta’s hottest and most amazing events.
About Ina Savaz

Ina Savaz is a 7 year self-employed entertainment manager, brand manager, radio personality and model in the public relations industry in Atlanta, GA. Best known for her work with Larika Paige & the Hilton hotel, DJ Kutt Throat, I Love My Plug, DTLR, Anytime Cutz, La Maison De la Bridal. Her latest work includes Ms. Savaz hosting The People’s Choice: Sweet Auburn Music Festival in October with a turnout of 75,000+ attendees as well as her showcasing her handpicked 5 artists she booked to perform. .

To learn more check out
Ina Savaz on Instagram: @InaSavaz,
Facebook: Ina Savaz,
Twitter: @ina_savaz or
Call us at 470.257.0528.


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