|NEW VIDEO| Ralo ft Future “My Brothas”

Ralo made headlines a couple months back for making it rain at a homeless shelter in Atlanta. Yet despite all of the recent fame and attention the self proclaimed Robin Hood can still be found in the heart of the city and has put the entire West End on his back. Even though Future has risen from the ranks of local/underground talent, he’s not too major to hop on a track with a fellow hometown spitter. With the loss of two legends from the Eastside (Bankroll Fre$h) and the Westside (Shawty Lo) it’s good to see Zone 4 and Zone 6 unite on a track—and the title couldn’t be more perfect. My Brothers is the second track by the Black Migo Gang artist featuring Future, and debuted on his latest mixtape Diary of the Streets 2. It’s only been about 2 months since the mixtape release, but with all the news buzzing around his name, don’t be surprised if we get another tape real soon! Check Out The Video


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