Atlanta Giants Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane Tension Heats up Again

Just days away from Gucci Mane’s birthday & one month after a #1 Song, Waka Flocka opens Pandora’s Box on the tension between the 2. As an ATLien, I did not want to jump on this story as quickly & promptly as your typical blog or hip-hop site. For fans of the 2 Atlanta Giants, we’ve known they were not cool nearly 3 years now. At 1st (3years ago), Gucci was semi vocal about the situation stating it was a “loyalty” issue & things of that nature. In recent times Waka nor Gucci would mention one another, even when asked they both would react aggressively with the interviewer. Since Gucci’s release, it seems as if a couple rappers been walking on eggshells so to speak. Waka Flocka sat down with BBC Radio 1Xtra this week & undeniably finally let off what he’s been feeling about the tension between him & his former mentor. Mr. Flame speaks about a past altercation between himself & Gucci where Waka says “I sat dat baby down”, questions Guwop’s street cred, shuts down Bricksquad ever having a reunion, and more. Following the interview, Waka drops a record title “Was My Dawg”  Flocka expresses “Always yelling Fam First, but you turned on yo FAM FIRST” deep words knowing how close the duo once were.

Waka seemed very bothered by the fact that everyone considers Gucci “Big Gucci”or ” Big Wop” as if he needs to be dethroned as HNIC of East Atlanta. He asked “Why Gucci haven’t shot a video in East Atlanta since he came  home”…..and a number of other things. Personally, I would question if dude was so “Not who he say he is” why would you (Waka) be his so called shooter for 10yrs? And as far as East Atlanta goes, yes there are REAL kings just as there are REAL kings in South Atlanta, Miami, Oakland, Houston, and so forth. The point is, when you making moves in the light with ANY rapper, you appoint or delegate your lil ones or ya big dawgs to handle things in the dark thats LAW. Make no mistake, I stepped outside of being “Miss Atown” to deliver my opinion as an observer of the culture in any city. Take a look and leave your comments….


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