| @1RickieBlow -Live Forevea Young- prod by NardNB

It’s only been a few months since Rickie Blow dropped the video for his latest single ‘Blow Up’, but he’s back and this time he teamed up with Nard & B for another banger, ‘4Eva Live Young’. After releasing his latest EP, ‘I Borrowed My Friend a Buck and Bought Myself an Elephant’ (I know a mouth full), critics were wondering, ‘who is this guy?’ but the day one fans already knew, Rickie Blow has been out the box. The EP is just the beginning, the introduction of Rickie Blow to the world. The Atlanta rapper by way of Milwaukee is hooking fans with every track, and this one is no exception. No co-sign necessary, but with Nard & B on the beat don’t be surprised if you hear this on your local station soon. 4Eva Live Young is dropping right as the year winds down and may be the precursor to a surprise end of the year project, who knows. What we do know is, Mr. Blow is ending 2017 with a bang! Check out the latest track here and let us know what you think.

Instagram: @rickieblow
Twitter: @1rickieblow


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