Kylie Jenner & Her Kosmetics takes another L @KylieJenner

Why Are Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Brushes Getting Slammed by Jeffree Star and Her Fans? 👀  Jenner isn’t having the best week.
On the same day that she announced that her factory had been shut down due to the Southern California wild fires, the 20-year-old beauty mogul receieved backlash from fans, along with outspoken beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, about the high price point of her latest launch, a collection of makeup brushes.
———— Starr, who hasn’t been shy about  criticizing the mom-to-be’s Kylie Cosmetics products on Twitter in the past, turned to the social media site to share his frustrations about the $360 price of Jenner’s brush collection. Starr wrote, “Are the new @kyliecosmetics makeup brushes made out of animal hair? Is that why they’re so expensive?? B*TCH I’M STILL DUMBFOUNDED!!!!”
$360 for makeup brushes though?! 👀

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