Laughing At Deez Hoes w @QuDaqueen x @ZaytovenBeatz



So last year women could do no wrong. Well, Hilary lost, but it seemed like women as a whole were winning. There was the Cardi B moment, Rihanna broke records with Fenty makeup, Beyonce continued with her usual slayage, the Women’s march in Washington shocked the world, and black women in film and TV racked in awards all year round.

To end the year, Zaytoven joined the mix and dropped Zaytoven Sorority Class of 2017, an all female mixtape that highlighted 17 emerging artists. This was the first of its kind for Zaytoven, and in an industry that still hasn’t fully embraced women on equal terms as men, it was refreshing to see a leader in the industry giving props to the some of its leading ladies.

One of the featured artists on the tape was none other than, Qu Da Queen, who recently followed up with another release from Zaytoven called L.A.D.H. (Ha Ha). Sometimes you got to laugh at deez H*s, preferably on your way to the bank. The two teamed up again to give fans some sassy punchlines over classic Zaytoven organ strings. The collaboration already has Qu drawing comparisons to the legendary Timbaland and Missy collab that we loved in the 90s.

Most would agree we are far overdue for a collab of the sort, and with it being almost four years since Qu Da Queen’s last solo project, Cinderella’s Diary, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a project soon.

Women often have to work harder and longer to get the same level as men in any industry and music is no different. But after 2017 being the Year of the Woman, men like Zaytoven are catching the wave, and ushering in the Year of the Woman Pt. 2. You would lose count trying to keep track of the male artists that have bubbled out of Atlanta, but as for women, numbers have been slim to say the least. All that is about to change and Qu Da Queen is ushering in the new wave of female rappers in the A. L.A.D.H. is not only about flaunting success but it’s a statement for all those doubting the Queen’s rise in the streets and beyond. If you don’t know who Qu Da Queen is get familiar because she spearheading Atlanta’s female rap movement slowly but surely. And who else would you want lacing your beats than King of Southern Production, Mr. Zaytoven himself.


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