Welcome to “The A Zone”

 You’re In The Mix! Cruise through the Industry with me & see things my way. These are my opinions, favorites old and new. Also get exclusive access and see what goes on at your favorite rappers video shoots, studio sessions, and shows. If your sensitive, this is not the page for you. Expect the RATCHET truth in an explicit way. You can not pay to be added to this site. This is designed totally for what I wish to address. Strategic Hip Hop Site Placement is offered below. This is RAW HIP HOP not professional promo, strap up & lets Mix It Up!missatownofficiallogo

Who Is Miss Atown?

According to Underground Hip Hop, Miss Atown, the 1st lady of Coalition Djs is recognized as one of the most effective promoters in the south. Her social expertise, southern roots & love for music come together perfectly with The Real Atown Music Group. Atown, has been dubbed ‘The Connect’ thru her strong relationship with the streets. She’s able to not only create a platform for independent artist but also act as liaison  for major artist who needs that ‘Connect’ with the streets. So if your a major artist needing a street buzz or an independent artist ready for a movement, Miss Atown is your girl.


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