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Dj Funky Releases “Scattered Brain” inspired by the movie “Superfly”

Atlanta, GA; DJ Funky is back with some new heat, to be more specific, a brand-new album titled “Scattered Brain”. “Scattered Brain” brings its inspiration in from the movie “Superfly”.

For those whom have not seen it yet is the story of Cocaine kingpin Youngblood Priest, who realizes it’s time to get out of the game after surviving a violent attack from his rival. Before leaving for good, Priest and his partner travel to Mexico to arrange a deal, with the intent of it being his last score. Yet, now Priest finds himself having to outmaneuver the cartel, two corrupt police officers, and all the double-crossers that threaten his path to freedom.

“Scattered Brain” brings in features from Daz Dillinger, Warren G, BeatKing, Slim Thug, Nephew Texas Boy, Ice Code, Scotty ATL and more.

Checkout the title single “Scattered Brain”, which features D.A. & Daz Dillinger.




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5 Questions: Cory Mo Delivers Country Rap Tunes

A relationship with Pimp C and Bun B changed everything

Houston is no stranger to the kind of moments that seemingly bubble up out of cities for extended periods. Atlanta is having its own right now with Future, Migos, 6LACK, Deonte Hitchcock, Yung Thug and countless others pushing the culture in places hip-hop hasn’t seen before. Los Angeles had its own with the rise of TDE, Nipsey Hustle and YG in the last half-decade. It’s all cyclical, these things have happened in New York, the Bay Area, Chicago and Miami over and over in the last 30 years, but when it happens in Houston, it’s special.

The South rarely gets the love it deserves for delivering paradigm shifting albums and epochs because so much of the coverage of the culture comes from the coasts, but Houston is one of those cities that artists from everywhere need to capture if they’re really going to make it.

The first huge Houston moment came with the Geto Boys, who pushed the boundaries on hip-hop storytelling to edges few rapers have dared to even consider exploring since. Scarface, Bushwick Bill and Willie D were responsible for influencing several generations of southern hip-hop artists, including the legendary Underground Kings in Pimp C and Bun B.

As Pimp and Bun grew their stranglehold on the Houston sound, they began turning to rapper/producer Cory Mo to bring Country Rap Tunes to life through his pristine ear for sampling soul classics and hard hitting drum patterns. Cory Mo parlayed his relationship with Pimp and Bun into a discography that can go beat for beat with your favorite producer.

Cory Mo and his brother, Mike Mo, owned and operated the hottest Houston recording studio during one of the biggest moments in Houston hip-hop history when guys like Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Chamillionaire were all you’d hear on the radio no matter what part of the country you’re from.

These days, Cory Mo runs his studio out of Atlanta and hosts the Country Rap Tunes radio show with Bun B and runs Just Sayin Clothing, a collection of t-shirts, hoodies and hats that essentially captures the essence of who Cory Mo is and where he comes from.

Wanderset sat down with Cory Mo to talk about Houston, his relationship with Pimp and Bun and how he and his brother built the hottest studio in H-Town.

Cory Mo 2

Wanderset: How did you get started doing music?

Corey Mo: Well, I started doing music many moons ago. I started rapping in the fifth grade. My older brother was in high school. He was in a rap group. So he was in the 12th grade and I wanted to be like him. So I started rapping and ended up winning a few talent shows at school. Fast-forward a few years later it turned into me learning how to make beats.

So originally man, it was really my older brother who inspired me to do everything. He was really good friends with Pimp C Back in the early 90s. They was real close. He ended up buying Pimp C’s Cadillac from him and they got real cool. He kind of just pushed me onto Pimp C like, ‘you got to listen to my little brother. You got to check him out.’ From there, Pimp C kind of took me under his wing and just taught me everything he knew.

Wanderset: When you started making beats, did you have a music background? Did you play any instruments, or is it just kind of something you just picked up because you had a feel for it?

Corey Mo: Well my grandfather used to be in the choir my uncle played drums. I used to I used to always play around on my uncle’s drum set. I used to get on his nerves doing that and then play on my grandfather’s organ every now and then as a kid. I never thought it would turn into anything, but I was always messing around, I was always fascinated by it.

Cory Mo 3


Wanderset: For some of your early production, what were you drawing inspiration from? Were there any styles you were trying to emulate until you found your own sound?

Well I mean I was really trying to just satisfy Pimp and Bun. I was trying to produce beats that they would like. I think I bought my first beat machine in like 99. I would sample a lot, you know? I would play keys and just play around with the whole country rap tunes type of sound. I used to listen to a lot of old Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson.

I was always in the soul music because as my parents used to listen to so you know I used to sample a bunch of old-school soul stuff. I used to really really like to dig into crates on them samples, man. My biggest inspiration is just pulling up the old samples and just catching a vibe.

Wanderset: Just from listening to those old records and hearing Pimp say it all the time, Country Rap Tunes is kind of the sound of Houston. What is it about the city that gives the music that feel?

Country Rap Tunes is really just another name for southern hip-hop that Pimp came up with. You know, being from Texas everybody wants to create country rap tunes because that’s that old UGK, Geto Boyz feel. A lot of people don’t know, but it really started with the Geto Boys. It’s that old Willie D, that old Scarface with the live baselines and funky old samples. It all started with the Geto Boys, and you know, Pimp and Bun just took it to another level.

Cory Mo 4

Wanderset: You said Pimp took you under his wing when you were young. How did your relationship with him and Bun develop over the years?

It was really just a family thing. It was more than music. You know, it was just some regular shit, man. It was way more than music. They taught me more than just music; they taught me morals, ethics, loyalty, right from wrong — you know, just a little bit of everything. It was just a constant everyday thing. Just being around them boys from going to the mall to kick it with broads all the way to smoking and going to sleep. It was just a way of life for me.

Wanderset: How did their relationship with Pimp and Bun put you in position to work with artists on a more national level like Z-Ro, Face, TLC, CyHi and Talib?

I mean it definitely helped out. Anyone who wanted to come to Houston to work with Pimp or Bun had to come to me and my brother to record them. If Rick Ross or Talib Kweli or Too Short came to Houston and wanted to work with Pimp and B, they’d have to call me. I definitely gained a lot of lifetime relationships just by having the main recording studio that they worked out of.

I was already working with a few artists before I started with Pimp. You know, cats like Big Mike and Slim Thug and a few other people before I really started working closely with UGK. I had Chamillionaire, Paul Wall — they was already recording at my studio. But once that Pimp C’s solo album came out and then that Devin The Dude album came out, the whole city was looking for beats.

Cory Mo 5

Wanderset: Can you talk a little about like that era when guys like Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones and Paul Wall were owning the airwaves in the early to mid-2000s? What was it like in Houston during that time?

It was off the chain, man. Sheeiit, it was prime time because I had the studio where everybody went. It was just constant, man. I might have Mike Jones in the studio at 2 o’clock, Chamillionaire would pull up at 6 and Slim would pull up at 8 and Pimp would pull up at 10. I was always crazy, like, ‘who finna come up in here now?’ I never knew who was about to ring the doorbell next, it was off the chain. For a good, solid couple of years, Houston was crazy.

Wanderset: How did you and your brother build the studio that everyone wanted to be at during that time? What made you guys the spot?

We used to promote the hardest. We used to create these little demo flyers and put them on people cars after the concerts. We used to always be at talent shows passing out flyers, giving away studio time. We got cool with radio DJs so they could shout us out. It was just constant promotion. And when people found out that UGK recorded there, we had to start turning people away. Early on, though, it was just us passing out flyers all day, every day.

Wanderset: Let’s end with your clothing brand. Why the name Just Sayin?

I picked Just Sayin mainly because the clothing line is just a bunch of sayings. But it’s more than just a clothing line, I do custom prints on shirts, hoodies, hats and socks for other people’s clothing lines, as well as their merch. I’ve been doing this for a while. The first shirt we ever made had M.A.D Studios on the front — and M.A.D stood for Money At the Door, and on the back it said, ‘Fuck You, Pay Me.’ People loved them, and once those started to sell, we just stuck with it and have kept it going ever since.

Have You Heard of Detroit’s Rising STAR, A’riah? Check Her Out!

Detroit born and raised, A’riah is a rising star ready to take Detroit’s music scene to the next level.

Together, A’riah’s explosive rap skills paired with A Wil Management are delivering much needed change to the current state of music affairs. This dynamic duo is responsible for creating the music that our city has been waiting to hear.

At A Wil management, the philosophy is simple, “where there’s a Wil, there’s a way”. A’riah doesn’t just rap, but with every verse, she is living proof that a tough past does not determine one’s future, but it makes the road to success much more interesting.

Her music tells the story of a young expressive artist that has channeled the events from her life, both good, and bad in a way that ensures that her voice will be heard by many. She grew up writing about the negative and sad experiences in her life as an outlet, and even sang to her mother to make her smile. As she grew older, those around her encouraged her to share her skills with the world.

On her road to the top A’riah hopes that her music can influence others in the same ways that music has inspired her, and to be a source of inspiration for those who may find themselves listening to her music.

A’riah first video feature was JKT’s “She Say She Not a Freak” shot in Detroit mi downtown at the White House directed by Delicious in 2016, and it was one of her favorite experiences, thanks to the guidance of Delicious. My next video was made men how my life played out. shot in Detroit mi featuring Herbie rich In 2016.

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Twitter: @AriahMusic

Instagram: Ariah_Ariah1


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Houston we have a problem! @TheRealSweetBennieRay “Tru Shyt Muzik”

has been on the map musically since the Rap-A-Lot days and even Dallas
started to have a bubbling music scene after the “My Dougie” craze, but
Fort Worth, TX has not been on the map until now.


123 1 6


born in England, Bennie Ray has fully embraced the South and is now
charging his way into the industry. “I can’t speak on how hard other
places have it”, he says in an interview, “I just know it’s hard here
because of the lack of support form consumers and DJs”. This hurdle is
not stopping the progress though.



releasing TS2 last year to much acclaim, Bennie is following up with
the release of his latest single, “Tru Shyt Muzik”. It’s hard to compare
Bennie to any other artists because his style is his own but if you mix
a little Bun B and Scarface with a little 8Ball you would be getting
close. If you’ve been looking for that old school flavor in a new school
artist, then this song will take you back to the days when live
instruments were preferred over digital sounds, and if you had a singer
on the hook they could REALLY sing.


123 1 5


Ray may be a new artist in your book but when you listen to the music
then you’ll hear the experience. This isn’t some artist still trying to
discover their sound. This is an artist just waiting for the world to
discover his sound. Be sure to check out his latest single, and catch up
on his old music, you won’t be disappointed, Tru Shyt




Artist Spotlight on Osshawn Burke

Who Run It?

Since Hip Hop really started making noise in the mainstream sector, there’s always been a question of Who Run It. We all remember when T.I. made his claim as King of the South and Pimp C shut him down.

Reppin for the whole state of Alabama- Mobile to Bham to the Ville, & hometown of Brundidge. – Osshawn Burke (@whoisburke) lays his own remix in preparation for a new project.

In a recent interview he touched on how after 10 years rapping he’s learned a lot about the industry and why he doesn’t do 360 deals. “I currently own and operate my own company My Brothers Keeper Entertainment”, he says.

With a strong team of producers, artists, and engineers a 360 deal isn’t what he’s looking for. “When the time comes and the business is right, a distribution deal wouldn’t be a bad idea tho.”

This remix and video is just the beginning. We can expect more freestyles and an upcoming single, “Ghost”, which is dropping in May, just in time for the show Power’s premiere. So all you Power fans be sure to check this out. Timing is everything and right now Osshawn Burke is right on track as he continues to grow his buzz.

Connect w/ Burke:

Instagram: @whoisburke

Facebook: Osshawn Burke

Click [Here] To Check out his last project “No Progess” via LiveMixtapes.

Jean D’eau – ‘By the Code’ | @iamjeandeau #Famerica


If you’ve been paying attention to Atlanta’s music scene over the past year, the west side, particularly the West End, has been making a lot of noise.

Ralo and the whole Famerica Records has been leading the way and one of their break out artists is the streets own Jean D’eau.

After releasing Who is Jean D’eau to much acclaim, he follows up with an album ready single, ‘By the Code’.

The new single flaunts his lyrical prowess and offers content that really makes the audience listen.

Not to mention, the smooth production gives you something you can ride to making it a perfect follow up single.

For people unfamiliar with Jean D’eau, this will introduce you to an artist with a story worth listening to.


Checkout Jean D’eau Artist Spotlight Interview on WJIZ 96.3FM


Last year all eyes were on Ralo and the Famerica Team after they continued to make news for their unjust run ins with the law while on tour.

But Jean D’eau is here to prove that they live and move by a certain code. ‘By the Code’ spells it out in musically, but in real life the entire label is not only dedicated to the music but doing something positive for the community.

It’s still early in the year, so fast forward a few months and we should be expecting a new project.

Until then, visit to hear the new single and to catch up on his tour vlogs, and more.


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Instagram: famerica_jeandeau

Twitter: @iamjeandeau

Youtube: Jeandeautv


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Christiana 6783679479 or

[Video] TRUB – She Fell In Love With The Money

T.R.U.B. dropped the THOT anthem of the year with ‘She Fell in Love with the Money” and has fans asking what’s next? The latest release from the Memphis rapper pretty much chronicles an issue all rappers face. And with his rise in the industry spanning a length of years, I’m sure the inspiration for the song came from personal experiences.
‘She Fell in Love’ and the video were dropped at the close of 2017 and show his maturity and diversity as an artist. The best part is, the song is radio ready & also something the hustlers can relate to. Fast forward six months later and T.R.U.B. is hinting to fans that the album is coming soon via instagram. With ties across the Southeast, including home ties in GA and Tennessee, T.R.U.B. is slowly building steam and has a strong following supporting him. 2017 was definitely a strong year so its safe to say @trubchef is cooking up something big in 2018.

DJs Click [Here] To Download “She Fell In Love With The Money”

Connect w/ Trub 
Instagram: @TrubChef 
Twitter: @TrubChef 
Soundcloud: @Trubchef 
SnapChat: @TrubChef 
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Youtube: @Trubchef

A Well Deserved “Win” for @RunwayRichy

Runway Richy with another Win

Runway pulls out some soulful vibes for his new track Win. Produced by Evil G, Richy trades the usual kick drums for soulful bass lines that will have you itching for a live performance. They say quitters never win and after putting in years of work, and nearly losing his life, Richy uses this track like his ghetto gospel. The track, is just one of the singles off of China Cafeteria 2, his latest release, and shows more of his artistry outside of the usual club bangers.

This song’s message will hit deep on many levels and the video is equally heart-wrenching. To avoid a spoiler alert, I’ll let you check the video out yourself below, but it touches on how in today’s society it’s so easy for innocent victims to become criminals.

Win is a song for the hood, but it’s also the song for anybody that’s determined to overcome whatever obstacles are standing between them and success. Rap music is often placed in a box of being solely about material gain and violence, but this song and the video even more so, prove that rap music can be cool and still be a positive reflection in the community. This song is a win not only because it’s lyrically and musically a win but because it’s more of what Hip Hop needs. This song is a win because we all need inspiration when we’re on our last leg. Not everyone can be Kendrick Lamar, but if you have a voice, you can use it for something powerful. Do your self a favor and check this song out and share the wealth; somebody probably needs to hear this message.

Laughing At Deez Hoes w @QuDaqueen x @ZaytovenBeatz



So last year women could do no wrong. Well, Hilary lost, but it seemed like women as a whole were winning. There was the Cardi B moment, Rihanna broke records with Fenty makeup, Beyonce continued with her usual slayage, the Women’s march in Washington shocked the world, and black women in film and TV racked in awards all year round.

To end the year, Zaytoven joined the mix and dropped Zaytoven Sorority Class of 2017, an all female mixtape that highlighted 17 emerging artists. This was the first of its kind for Zaytoven, and in an industry that still hasn’t fully embraced women on equal terms as men, it was refreshing to see a leader in the industry giving props to the some of its leading ladies.

One of the featured artists on the tape was none other than, Qu Da Queen, who recently followed up with another release from Zaytoven called L.A.D.H. (Ha Ha). Sometimes you got to laugh at deez H*s, preferably on your way to the bank. The two teamed up again to give fans some sassy punchlines over classic Zaytoven organ strings. The collaboration already has Qu drawing comparisons to the legendary Timbaland and Missy collab that we loved in the 90s.

Most would agree we are far overdue for a collab of the sort, and with it being almost four years since Qu Da Queen’s last solo project, Cinderella’s Diary, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a project soon.

Women often have to work harder and longer to get the same level as men in any industry and music is no different. But after 2017 being the Year of the Woman, men like Zaytoven are catching the wave, and ushering in the Year of the Woman Pt. 2. You would lose count trying to keep track of the male artists that have bubbled out of Atlanta, but as for women, numbers have been slim to say the least. All that is about to change and Qu Da Queen is ushering in the new wave of female rappers in the A. L.A.D.H. is not only about flaunting success but it’s a statement for all those doubting the Queen’s rise in the streets and beyond. If you don’t know who Qu Da Queen is get familiar because she spearheading Atlanta’s female rap movement slowly but surely. And who else would you want lacing your beats than King of Southern Production, Mr. Zaytoven himself.

60 Days In “Inmate Turns Rapper” @RobNHoodTra Drops Video ‘Shootout’

Inmate Turns Rapper
The official video release for RobnHood Tra’s ‘Shootout’ gives you a real life glimpse at his life before becoming one of Raydar Entertainment’s artists. Shot and directed by Ant Soulo, this visual puts RobnHood Tra in a different league; though he may be a new artist, he is no rookie to the game. From the notorious Rice St. jail to the TV screen is a big step for anyone, but this potential is what intrigued Ray Daniels to sign the young artist in the first place. His is a success story and it’s just getting started. With this video dropping so early in the year fans can expect his newest project, Exit 66, to be coming soon. And with that, more visuals.

His social media following is already buzzing amid the release of the new video and now that it’s here, we can only wait for what’s next. He recently tweeted “Can’t wait to get my hands on some big name beats… I’m going to politely kill that mfr”, and I have a feeling with this release some of those big names may be listening. Though humble, his hard work and determination is what sets him apart from young artists who treat rap more like a hobby than a business. With his own distinct sound, RobnHood Tra is bringing an OG demeanor to a young generation. Atlanta is the home to so many artists, but when you can carve out your own lane, the road ahead is golden. Check out the premiere on youtube and keep up with his latest music on Soundcloud.

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#MostAnticipated @King_Mauricee FINALLY Drops Video for “SMASHED”

From Alabama to Texas and everywhere in between MealTicket Records / Just the Squad’s very own King Maurice is here with his hot video “Smashed”. “Smashed” comes from his forthcoming album/mixtape “Jugg God”, which features production from Atlanta super producer Jon Boi, Al Geno On the Track, Bezel, and some in house production. Check out the visual below and be on the lookout for the entire project dropping soon.


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LEAK QUEEN!! Decaturr Redd & OJ da Juiceman Whip Up Something New | @Ojdajuiceman32 @decaturredd

At the top of 2017 Decturr Redd hinted to fans on “This is 50’ that he was cooking up something special for the year. When asked if he would be dropping an album he didn’t confirm, but fast forward to the end of the year, and a EP later, and I’m sure you didn’t think a collab with OJ was in the works. Waiting for the perfect time to drop, ‘Pyrex’ brings the best out of both artists and is almost reminiscent of that old Atlanta sound that really took Atlanta street music global.

No one can forget OJ’s iconic sound, it was practically stamped in the game. To those who had never heard of OJ before the hood classic ‘Bricks’, his success may have seemed like overnight stardom. But in fact, the same humble beginnings that drove him to where he is, are the same ones he has now. OJ never got too Hollywood for the City and his voice on a new track with one of the city’s rising artists is testament to this.


The latest EP “Ckhronick” is still in rotation but with the release of this single, the album may be round the corner. If you haven’t checked out either then catch the wave.