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New Niteplug app suggests the most happening places and parties around the user’s location and preferences


Niteplug caters to party seekers, promoters, club owners, DJ’s and celebrities. In the app, the promoters and club owners can upload flyers and details about an upcoming event and update the people on any changes via the plugin feature. Party-goers can plug in and see all of the people who are going to attend the upcoming parties. NitePlug is a premier nightlife mobile app that allows party-goers, promoters, and club owners to connect on one platform. If you want to know about the hottest clubs, parties and who is going to be there, this is the app for you”, says the founder of the Niteplug app.

Party-goers will be able to see parties based on location and preferences. They can also plug into a party and receive updates of any changes made by promoters. Promoters can also see how many people are plugged into their party and predict the outcome of the night. This app takes away the hassles of browsing the internet and multiple websites to find a happening party place without having to pay anything while the promoters and club owners can promote themselves by paying a nominal fee.

Within a short period of its launch, the app has received great reviews from the users on App Store, one of whom says, “It gets no better than this!
I’ve been searching for a way to stay in the loop with where to party and enjoy my free time. I work so much that I can’t keep up with where to go. This app helps bridge the gap for me.”

Niteplug app makes it easier for the users to find the right party place without wasting any time on the internet or roaming around the city, looking for the best place to party. Another App Store user says in their reviews, “Great for Night Life Events. I love this app! It is great for finding out what is going on in the city you currently live in, but especially if you are visiting a city and you want to know what is there to do!”
Niteplug app is suitable for,

nightclub gif
Promoters who are tired of not selling out venues due to last minute flyer changes and seeing only a few followers turn up at events. Niteplug app will enable them to let the world know that they are throwing a party, or having a celebrity at their event and even make last minute changes that don’t cost a single penny. With this app, the promoters don’t need to print off and distribute hundreds of flyers.
Party-goers who are tired of traveling out of town and not knowing where the parties are, getting turned around at the door because they didn’t know the dress code or age limit and showing up to a party and the event was shut down. Niteplug app will enable them to know where the best clubs are in the city and all the necessary information related to it.
Club owners who are tired of their club getting overlooked can use Niteplug app to let people know about their club and advertise at a very low price.
Sign up now for Niteplug’s free 2-week promotion for promoters, and 1-month free promotion for club owners.
Niteplug App can be used in every major city around the globe and it will be available for Android users in 2019.

The iOS users can download the app for free at Apple App Store.

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Dj Funky OG New Album | @DjFunkyATL


Dj Funky Does It Again

Since 2011 DJ Funky has provided the perfect soundtrack for smokers (and non smokers) everywhere with “Smoking While we Drive” and “Still Smoking While We Drive” in 2014. After a small hiatus, DJ Funky returns with another smokers album, “Funky OG”, dropping just in time for 4/20.

The 15 track album is available on iTunes and features tracks from rising artists Mozzy and club favorite, “Throw it Back”, by Joe Gifted and Trap Beckham. The entire album is laced with tracks to set the mood so whether you’re partying or chilling you’ll have something to vibe to.

The best part about this album is that DJ Funky stays true to his craft and introduces us to some new artists. Remember when DJ’s actually broke records and artists? Well don’t expect to hear the same artists you always hear on the radio; get ready to get put on to that new new.

4/20 only comes once a year but albums like this can make a day feel like a lifetime. With legalization spreading across the nation, it’s only right that DJ Funky do it for the culture! So before you get your 4/20 blazing, be sure to get that Funky OG blazing first!

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A Well Deserved “Win” for @RunwayRichy

Runway Richy with another Win

Runway pulls out some soulful vibes for his new track Win. Produced by Evil G, Richy trades the usual kick drums for soulful bass lines that will have you itching for a live performance. They say quitters never win and after putting in years of work, and nearly losing his life, Richy uses this track like his ghetto gospel. The track, is just one of the singles off of China Cafeteria 2, his latest release, and shows more of his artistry outside of the usual club bangers.

This song’s message will hit deep on many levels and the video is equally heart-wrenching. To avoid a spoiler alert, I’ll let you check the video out yourself below, but it touches on how in today’s society it’s so easy for innocent victims to become criminals.

Win is a song for the hood, but it’s also the song for anybody that’s determined to overcome whatever obstacles are standing between them and success. Rap music is often placed in a box of being solely about material gain and violence, but this song and the video even more so, prove that rap music can be cool and still be a positive reflection in the community. This song is a win not only because it’s lyrically and musically a win but because it’s more of what Hip Hop needs. This song is a win because we all need inspiration when we’re on our last leg. Not everyone can be Kendrick Lamar, but if you have a voice, you can use it for something powerful. Do your self a favor and check this song out and share the wealth; somebody probably needs to hear this message.

Laughing At Deez Hoes w @QuDaqueen x @ZaytovenBeatz



So last year women could do no wrong. Well, Hilary lost, but it seemed like women as a whole were winning. There was the Cardi B moment, Rihanna broke records with Fenty makeup, Beyonce continued with her usual slayage, the Women’s march in Washington shocked the world, and black women in film and TV racked in awards all year round.

To end the year, Zaytoven joined the mix and dropped Zaytoven Sorority Class of 2017, an all female mixtape that highlighted 17 emerging artists. This was the first of its kind for Zaytoven, and in an industry that still hasn’t fully embraced women on equal terms as men, it was refreshing to see a leader in the industry giving props to the some of its leading ladies.

One of the featured artists on the tape was none other than, Qu Da Queen, who recently followed up with another release from Zaytoven called L.A.D.H. (Ha Ha). Sometimes you got to laugh at deez H*s, preferably on your way to the bank. The two teamed up again to give fans some sassy punchlines over classic Zaytoven organ strings. The collaboration already has Qu drawing comparisons to the legendary Timbaland and Missy collab that we loved in the 90s.

Most would agree we are far overdue for a collab of the sort, and with it being almost four years since Qu Da Queen’s last solo project, Cinderella’s Diary, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a project soon.

Women often have to work harder and longer to get the same level as men in any industry and music is no different. But after 2017 being the Year of the Woman, men like Zaytoven are catching the wave, and ushering in the Year of the Woman Pt. 2. You would lose count trying to keep track of the male artists that have bubbled out of Atlanta, but as for women, numbers have been slim to say the least. All that is about to change and Qu Da Queen is ushering in the new wave of female rappers in the A. L.A.D.H. is not only about flaunting success but it’s a statement for all those doubting the Queen’s rise in the streets and beyond. If you don’t know who Qu Da Queen is get familiar because she spearheading Atlanta’s female rap movement slowly but surely. And who else would you want lacing your beats than King of Southern Production, Mr. Zaytoven himself.

#MostAnticipated @King_Mauricee FINALLY Drops Video for “SMASHED”

From Alabama to Texas and everywhere in between MealTicket Records / Just the Squad’s very own King Maurice is here with his hot video “Smashed”. “Smashed” comes from his forthcoming album/mixtape “Jugg God”, which features production from Atlanta super producer Jon Boi, Al Geno On the Track, Bezel, and some in house production. Check out the visual below and be on the lookout for the entire project dropping soon.


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[ATOWN HOTLIST] @ZanMan_Trippin’ – “Bitcoin” Music Video

Representing the Northside of Atlanta by way of Long Island, NY. ZanMan is a rising artist with a knack for crafting undeniable hooks thanks to music influences from the likes of Future, Max B, T.I., and Wiz Khalifa. The young talent has already tasted success after garnering over 1 million views on Worldstar with his ladies anthem “Bad Ones,” which lives on his DJ X-Rated-hosted mixtape 7 Nights. Back for more, ZanMan returns with a new cryptocurrency-influenced single “Mr. Bitcoin,” along with the official music video. Directed by Dontell Antonio, the futuristic visual pairs perfectly with Zan’s latest effort as it follows him while he capitalizes off Bitcoin in every aspect of his daily life.

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@IAmCardiB spoils @OffsetYRN for his Birthday #TheSetGala

CardiB Offset

For Offset’s 26th birthday, Cardi B surprised him with a Rolls Royce Wraith in front of friends and family outside of his Met Gala-themed birthday party “The Set Gala,” at The MacArthur in Downtown Los Angeles Wednesday night.

The Atlanta rapper was filled with excitement, yelling: “She bought me the Wraith,” while squeezing his fiancée in a tight hug.
Born Kiari Kendrell Cephus of Lawrenceville GA, Offset has had quite the year, with five top 10 Hot Rap songs (including his hits with Migos) and a No. 1 hit on the Hot 100 with “Bad and Boujee.” Of course, we could never forget his grand proposal to Cardi B at the Powerhouse 99 concert in Philadelphia in October. He was just featured, along with the other two members of Migos, when Marshmello dropped the highly anticipated track, “Danger.” Happy Birthday, Offset

Want to Glo-Up? Checkout @yandysmith Newest Addition to Yelle

yandy 2

Hold up! Have you seen Yandy Smith and her mom Laura’s skin? It’s absolutely flawless! So, of course after snooping around to see what the mother-daughter duo’s skin regimen is.

Turns out the Love & Hip Hop New York reality TV star has expanded her beauty line, Yelle, to include skincare, so this is definitely the secret! The line is exclusively catering to “melanin-enriched” skin — and she plans to launch more of her products in January 2018!

Go @yandysmith 💕

yandy 1


FENTY TAKEOVER @Rihanna Announces New Fenty Beauty Matte Moiselle Line of Lipsticks!

After teasing her new, hotly anticipated mystery lip hues on Instagram this past weekend, #Rihanna finally came through and gave us what we’ve all been hoping for: answers. The 29-year-old makeup mogul just took to her Instagram account to officially announce the launch date of her new line of matte lipsticks — called Matte Moiselle!
And the best part is that we won’t even have to wait long to get our hands on the #Fenty goodies, because according to the post they’re due to launch December 26. That’s right: the day after Christmas, y’all!

Joe Gifted Got Me In My Bag | @Joe_Gifted

It’s amazing how fast this year has gone by and now that it’s coming to a close, let’s be real, you’re probably tallying up your wins and loses, trying to decide if you took the W in 2017 or the L. While this year may not have been a Cardi B year for everybody, if you don’t feel hopeful for 2018, then that’s your problem.

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Around the industry, a lot of artists have been putting in major work and it seems like this was their breakout year. One such artist, Joe Gifted, formally known as Joe Gutta, claimed his spot with one of the hottest summer jams, ‘Water’. There wasn’t a trunk around the city that wasn’t bumping the track. But this wasn’t an overnight success story though; you may remember Joe Gutta when he appeared on 106 & Park in 2009. Fast forward eight years later and we get the release of his debut album with Warner Brother’s ‘Gifted I Am’.

Hosted by DJ Swap Izzo, the 11 track tape is nothing short of a banger. One song that perfectly sums up the year he’s had is ‘Bag’. Most street rappers get a bad rep for being negative but this song is the exact opposite. If you been struggling this year then let this track be the motivation you need to secure the bag!

DJS Download Single "Bag" by Clicking Here

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Yung Martez Bangin New Single “How Much It Cost”

1st Class Music Group/B Gold Ent./Suckafree Records link up to bring us Louisiana born and Texas raised, Yung Martez with breakout single “How Much It Cost”. Yung Martez came had a rough upbringing and channeled his energy in creating music. Previously has was a part of a group called “MPS”, but ventured off on his own and is preparing for the release of his mixtape “Struggle 2 Success Reloaded”, with hosts Hollyhood Bay Bay & Kiotti. The lead single has been for about one year and as insiders in the music industry know, that is very normal, yet unless you are living under a rock, you have had to come across a post, email, tweet, or playlist that features the EZ produced track. Since we like to keep our followers updated on the hottest records from both indie and mainstream artists, we bring to you “How Much It Cost”, press play and download. You do not want to be dead last on adding this record to your mix…this is another Atown Approved release.


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