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New Niteplug app suggests the most happening places and parties around the user’s location and preferences


Niteplug caters to party seekers, promoters, club owners, DJ’s and celebrities. In the app, the promoters and club owners can upload flyers and details about an upcoming event and update the people on any changes via the plugin feature. Party-goers can plug in and see all of the people who are going to attend the upcoming parties. NitePlug is a premier nightlife mobile app that allows party-goers, promoters, and club owners to connect on one platform. If you want to know about the hottest clubs, parties and who is going to be there, this is the app for you”, says the founder of the Niteplug app.

Party-goers will be able to see parties based on location and preferences. They can also plug into a party and receive updates of any changes made by promoters. Promoters can also see how many people are plugged into their party and predict the outcome of the night. This app takes away the hassles of browsing the internet and multiple websites to find a happening party place without having to pay anything while the promoters and club owners can promote themselves by paying a nominal fee.

Within a short period of its launch, the app has received great reviews from the users on App Store, one of whom says, “It gets no better than this!
I’ve been searching for a way to stay in the loop with where to party and enjoy my free time. I work so much that I can’t keep up with where to go. This app helps bridge the gap for me.”

Niteplug app makes it easier for the users to find the right party place without wasting any time on the internet or roaming around the city, looking for the best place to party. Another App Store user says in their reviews, “Great for Night Life Events. I love this app! It is great for finding out what is going on in the city you currently live in, but especially if you are visiting a city and you want to know what is there to do!”
Niteplug app is suitable for,

nightclub gif
Promoters who are tired of not selling out venues due to last minute flyer changes and seeing only a few followers turn up at events. Niteplug app will enable them to let the world know that they are throwing a party, or having a celebrity at their event and even make last minute changes that don’t cost a single penny. With this app, the promoters don’t need to print off and distribute hundreds of flyers.
Party-goers who are tired of traveling out of town and not knowing where the parties are, getting turned around at the door because they didn’t know the dress code or age limit and showing up to a party and the event was shut down. Niteplug app will enable them to know where the best clubs are in the city and all the necessary information related to it.
Club owners who are tired of their club getting overlooked can use Niteplug app to let people know about their club and advertise at a very low price.
Sign up now for Niteplug’s free 2-week promotion for promoters, and 1-month free promotion for club owners.
Niteplug App can be used in every major city around the globe and it will be available for Android users in 2019.

The iOS users can download the app for free at Apple App Store.

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Future Speaks On YC & Racks on Racks, The Importance of Dj Funky & More

We all know The Wizard is not a fan of Interviews as stated in his song “How Does It Feel” but what thing we can be certain about….he’s never too busy to holla at his OG “Freeband Funky” @DjFunkyATL . Take a look as he gives the real insight on “Racks on Racks’ pursuing your goals & more!


Funky Darryl James aka DJ Funky is one of the South’s premiere DJs and has been a staple in the Atlanta music scene since the 1990’s. He started his illustrious music career as a DJ founding the legendary Legion of Doom DJs in 1995 creating a multitude of mixtapes and spinning in nearly every club in the “ATL”. He was also a featured DJ and radio personality on Jermaine Dupree’s So So Def Radio on CBS/V103fm interviewing the entertainment industry’s elite. DJ Funky is now one of the four founding members of the Coalition DJs who are responsible for breaking most of the new music you hear through Atlanta’s adult entertainment venues. Rap acts including 2Chainz, Future and Migos all credit DJ Funky and the Coalition DJs with turning their recent records into hits.

Desiigner??? Nahh its VITO (@DNE_VITO) saucing up the Coalition Djs stage!! #Entertainment

A few weeks after rapping up a performance at this year’s A3C Festival, DNE artist Vito blesses fans with a plethora of new music, hinting at a new album. Rich Nigga, Bring Me Tha Cash,  & I Luv It are a few of the latest releases from the tri-city artist who reps for Philly, Cincinnati, and Atlanta. The entire DNE (Dat Naga Ent) team has been making noise surrounding the release of Rich Ni**a, which is produced by none other then DNE’s own Mike D. Throughout A3C members of the DNE team could be found rocking the exclusive Rich Nigga tees designed specifically for this song, and if you’re down with the message you can purchase one too! Everybody want to be a Rich N***a but everybody doesn’t want to put the work in. Speaking of A3C, watch the turn up below as Vito rips the stage & controls the crowd SOLO. Serving us a plate of at least 4 songs, if this is anything how Vito’s concerts will go I definitely wanna be front row! Vito’s 2016 grind has taken him all over the South and back, so what better way to close the year than with a hustler’s anthem.


Too Short (@TooShort) & Dj Funky (@DjFunkyATL) Chop it Up OG Style!

“I go on and on
Can’t understand how I last so long
I must have super powers
Rap 225 thousand hours”
Borrowed lyrics that Young Money artist Drake recited on his new single with Dj Khaled “For Free”. We all know those infamous words came from Legendary rapper Too Short. Recently Dj Funky caught up with Too Short in Atlanta & they spoke on everything from his lyrics, style, & tempo, being borrowed. Like the real OG he is, he doesn’t mind! Keep his legacy going, 30 years in the game and Short Dog has 2016 concerts left and right. Catch him in New Orleans Saturday September 3rd at the UNO Lakefront Arena Headlining the Super Fresh Hip Hop Festival featuring acts like Doug E Fresh, EPMD, Slick Rick, and more!
Now, back to the Juice, Too Short goes on to explain what the “Money Shot” really is & boy am I surprised, a lot of us (I Know I’m not the only one) thought “Money Shot” was simply a nice view of a woman’s backside. Nooooooo! lol we couldn’t be further from the truth. Short gives us “Sloppy Seconds” tutorial right quick clearly his special since “Cocktails” which was the gigolo journal. You have to catch the entire interview, get a lil knowledge on music, lyrics, history and much more with these 2!

Coalition Djs Host New Music Mondays as @LilSTL shows them what St. Louis is really Bout!

“I like it when you do that right thur” NAW hold up wait! Let us re-introduce you to the streets of St. Louis Missouri via outstanding rap talent “Lil STL” clearly from the name you know he is a native of St Louis. This is not his 1st rodeo in this music game just recently dropping a mixtape with Bigga Rankin last year. Lets face it, you cant bake a cake without the sugar. New Music Mondays IS that sugar that solidifies the cake. Lil STL made the infamous decision of bringing a few singles through to the Coalition Team & by listening to his music you definitely would not assume this kid is from the same city that brought us “Right Thur” & “Air Force Ones”. The yung stunna informed the world that UGK (Pimp C & Bun B) were & still are his icons & inspiration. Coalition Djs were eager to hear more, he delivers quality street music allowing us to see St Louis in a completely different light. We’re leading with hit single ” Drop Dat Bag Off” keep up! Book your private listening today: @NewMusicMondaysATL

New Music Mondays w Choppa Zoe & @CoalitionDjsATL

Rap Artist “Choppa Zoe” has truly taken a musical journey. Hailing from the gritty streets of Palm Beach Florida, the young “Haitian Creation” made the best stop of his music career at Atlanta’s Infamous “New Music Mondays” held by the Coalition Djs ATL. Choppa had a chance to play his music, receive feedback, & proper marketing to move forward. He’s definitely not new to this with 4 mixtapes, a leading role in the Internet hit series “Money & Violence”, & a previous EP rumored to be produced by “Wyclef Jean”. It was only right that Choppa Zoe put his best foot forward & bring his project to the Gatekeepers of the music industry, World Famous Coalition Djs New Music Monday! The Djs immediately gravitated toward hit single “Okay, Okay” stay tuned…..

Ghetto The Plug (@GhettoThePlug) | “Pluggin” Vlog Part 1 #RunIt

PlugLogoWith the release of his new single ‘Run It’, Ghetto the Plug’s campaign has crossed state boundaries and connected the new music powerhouse with the old.  From Atlanta to Detroit, one of the latest stops on his promo tour, Ghetto the Plug is taking his movement to the streets in a way that let’s you know why he has that name. The independent music is circuit is growing strength with companies like Detroit vs Everybody more recently shining light on local artists, but the D has always been known for bringing us stars from all genres. Tapping into Detroit’s music scene is definitely a strategic move by the veteran whose new single continues to slowly takeover the airwaves. ‘Run It’ isn’t just a song it’s the anthem for anybody focused on your money, your business, and your grind so don’t be the last one to get plugged in.

Future Behind The Scenes “Blood On The Money” [OFFICIAL VIDEO SHOOT]

Future shoots another video from Blazing album DS2. S/O to Fresh Start P for keeping us locked in behind the scenes. I like the video, it gave me a chance to see my guys in a way you don’t see em often. Suited up, black attire, very crispy. I love it #Freebandz

#SatNiteLive @ClubSilhouetteATL Hosted By @MissAtown2u


[ALL BLACK EVERYTHING] |Saturday| You don’t want miss the END OF MONTH #SatNiteLive FEB 28 ALL BLACK AFFAIR @ClubSilhouetteATL Hosted By @MissAtown2u w #SpecialGuest @BenPimpinBPE @SolidStrw @IamBlow125 @DaRealWayGooney @CassiusCain [PERFORMING LIVE] #HuslteGang’s ZUSE (@IamZuse) Biggest Party#SaturdaysInAtlanta |$5 Beers | $100 Bottle Specials| #CoalitionTeam @DjDonnJuan @DjBigXATL #InDaMix + #GirlPower @realdjrootsqueen

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Behind The Scenes of TK and Cash “Mind Right” Video Shoot

Signed to the DTP record label, Darien Townsend, whose stage name is C.A.$.H., and Tevin Thompson whose stage name it T.K., are l “Disturbing The Peace” throughout the music industry. Both T.K. and C.A.$.H. caught my attention one Monday at the New Music Monday with my team. I was invited to be apart of their very 1st major video for single “Mind Right” with the likes of DC Young Fly and comedian Buck Wild. Check it out below, afterwards make sure and watch video and check out my cameo!