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New Music | The Re-Up; @DreemEntMusic X @ScottyATL

For new artists, sometimes the only thing standing in between their old fans and new fans is the right feature. But that’s easier said than done for new artists. Without a major budget, new artists often have to rely on connections and good relationships to land a feature. But a good feature can boost you from a local talent to a mainstream sensation. Just look at how Drake’s feature made Makonnen’s ‘Tuesday’ the hit it was.


Atlanta has a good reputation in the industry as far as working relationships go. Unlike New York artists for example, Atlanta artists are known for working with each other instead of competing. That love isn’t only for Atlanta artists though; you’ll find many Atl artists linking with artists from all over.



In the case of Saginaw, Michigan artists King Swavay & ME8ighty, the love for Mary Jane is what led Scotty Atl to hop on the track. Even though 420 has passed, every day is 4/20 for the true cheifers of the culture. In a recent interview ME8ighty reveals he wrote the song for, “anyone who’s running low, on their last and trying to stretch until payday, or even someone who doesn’t smoke at all but mess with a girl that does and they have to buy some for her in hopes of getting to Vickie’s secret”. Can y’all relate? Ever needed Mary to get to Vickie’s?


Whether the answer is yes or no, this new track will have you ready to roll up and enjoy vibes. Michigan is already 420 friendly and after the recent law passed, Atlanta is a little more friendly. What’s most exciting about this song is that there hasn’t been a lot of Michigan-Georgia collabs even though they both have a strong history in the music industry. In the 60s artists were flooding to Detroit to be apart of the new music wave, now Atlanta is the music powerhouse. Check out the new track surely to prove King Swavay & ME8ighty wont be limited to Saginaw, Michigan for long!



Dj Funky OG New Album | @DjFunkyATL


Dj Funky Does It Again

Since 2011 DJ Funky has provided the perfect soundtrack for smokers (and non smokers) everywhere with “Smoking While we Drive” and “Still Smoking While We Drive” in 2014. After a small hiatus, DJ Funky returns with another smokers album, “Funky OG”, dropping just in time for 4/20.

The 15 track album is available on iTunes and features tracks from rising artists Mozzy and club favorite, “Throw it Back”, by Joe Gifted and Trap Beckham. The entire album is laced with tracks to set the mood so whether you’re partying or chilling you’ll have something to vibe to.

The best part about this album is that DJ Funky stays true to his craft and introduces us to some new artists. Remember when DJ’s actually broke records and artists? Well don’t expect to hear the same artists you always hear on the radio; get ready to get put on to that new new.

4/20 only comes once a year but albums like this can make a day feel like a lifetime. With legalization spreading across the nation, it’s only right that DJ Funky do it for the culture! So before you get your 4/20 blazing, be sure to get that Funky OG blazing first!

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Laughing At Deez Hoes w @QuDaqueen x @ZaytovenBeatz



So last year women could do no wrong. Well, Hilary lost, but it seemed like women as a whole were winning. There was the Cardi B moment, Rihanna broke records with Fenty makeup, Beyonce continued with her usual slayage, the Women’s march in Washington shocked the world, and black women in film and TV racked in awards all year round.

To end the year, Zaytoven joined the mix and dropped Zaytoven Sorority Class of 2017, an all female mixtape that highlighted 17 emerging artists. This was the first of its kind for Zaytoven, and in an industry that still hasn’t fully embraced women on equal terms as men, it was refreshing to see a leader in the industry giving props to the some of its leading ladies.

One of the featured artists on the tape was none other than, Qu Da Queen, who recently followed up with another release from Zaytoven called L.A.D.H. (Ha Ha). Sometimes you got to laugh at deez H*s, preferably on your way to the bank. The two teamed up again to give fans some sassy punchlines over classic Zaytoven organ strings. The collaboration already has Qu drawing comparisons to the legendary Timbaland and Missy collab that we loved in the 90s.

Most would agree we are far overdue for a collab of the sort, and with it being almost four years since Qu Da Queen’s last solo project, Cinderella’s Diary, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a project soon.

Women often have to work harder and longer to get the same level as men in any industry and music is no different. But after 2017 being the Year of the Woman, men like Zaytoven are catching the wave, and ushering in the Year of the Woman Pt. 2. You would lose count trying to keep track of the male artists that have bubbled out of Atlanta, but as for women, numbers have been slim to say the least. All that is about to change and Qu Da Queen is ushering in the new wave of female rappers in the A. L.A.D.H. is not only about flaunting success but it’s a statement for all those doubting the Queen’s rise in the streets and beyond. If you don’t know who Qu Da Queen is get familiar because she spearheading Atlanta’s female rap movement slowly but surely. And who else would you want lacing your beats than King of Southern Production, Mr. Zaytoven himself.

@1Future and Rocko Settle Out of Court but is it Really Over?

Since news of the legal dispute between Rocko and Future began rumors were swarming as to what the settlement would be. Would they go to court? Would their legal dispute end like a dirty divorce? Secretly I think people were hoping for the worst, but it seems to have faired well for both business man. You can bet that the memes were hot and ready and soon as reports revealed that the the two settled in a seven figure deal. But what started messy has ended pretty clean. It is also a smart decision, especially for Future who probably saved thousands in court fees by settling. Also from early reports, Rocko will be getting less than the $10 million he originally proposed. So for Future it seems like a win-win situation. What makes this kind of petty is that the money Future is about to pay out, he’ll make back when the next song drops. When will Rocko ever see this kind of money from a music deal again. Since Future, there hasn’t been a major artist to drop from A1 Records. 

Both have been rather hush hush since the news broke, but I’m sure someone will break the silence soon. Some of Future’s remarks were harsh to say the least early on so we’ll see….

As far as loyalty is concerned though, because that has come into question on both sides, I don’t think either should be questioned. The difference is that this is about business and nothing personal. Rocko felt legally entitled to funds he hadn’t received for a business deal the the two had. Regardless of their friendship, business is business. One of the main reasons why people are coming at Rocko though is because his motive seems shady. Greed is actually the word people are using to describe his motive.

If Future’s deal with Epic was unsuccessful and didn’t come with a HUGE advance and too many hits and credits to count, would Rocko still be pursuing this money? Future’s contribution to A1 Records will go down in Hip Hop history and at this point I think it’s pointless to argue over who made who. But it’s obvious who’s success has surpassed the others. Hopefully, Rocko is content with the settlement because Future’s grind hasn’t slowed down. In fact, since signing with Epic in 2011 Future has dropped six albums, three of which were number on Billboard 100. As far as what’s next for Rocko… we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, we can say goodbye to another Rocko featuring Future track

@IAmCardiB spoils @OffsetYRN for his Birthday #TheSetGala

CardiB Offset

For Offset’s 26th birthday, Cardi B surprised him with a Rolls Royce Wraith in front of friends and family outside of his Met Gala-themed birthday party “The Set Gala,” at The MacArthur in Downtown Los Angeles Wednesday night.

The Atlanta rapper was filled with excitement, yelling: “She bought me the Wraith,” while squeezing his fiancée in a tight hug.
Born Kiari Kendrell Cephus of Lawrenceville GA, Offset has had quite the year, with five top 10 Hot Rap songs (including his hits with Migos) and a No. 1 hit on the Hot 100 with “Bad and Boujee.” Of course, we could never forget his grand proposal to Cardi B at the Powerhouse 99 concert in Philadelphia in October. He was just featured, along with the other two members of Migos, when Marshmello dropped the highly anticipated track, “Danger.” Happy Birthday, Offset

LEAK QUEEN!! Decaturr Redd & OJ da Juiceman Whip Up Something New | @Ojdajuiceman32 @decaturredd

At the top of 2017 Decturr Redd hinted to fans on “This is 50’ that he was cooking up something special for the year. When asked if he would be dropping an album he didn’t confirm, but fast forward to the end of the year, and a EP later, and I’m sure you didn’t think a collab with OJ was in the works. Waiting for the perfect time to drop, ‘Pyrex’ brings the best out of both artists and is almost reminiscent of that old Atlanta sound that really took Atlanta street music global.

No one can forget OJ’s iconic sound, it was practically stamped in the game. To those who had never heard of OJ before the hood classic ‘Bricks’, his success may have seemed like overnight stardom. But in fact, the same humble beginnings that drove him to where he is, are the same ones he has now. OJ never got too Hollywood for the City and his voice on a new track with one of the city’s rising artists is testament to this.


The latest EP “Ckhronick” is still in rotation but with the release of this single, the album may be round the corner. If you haven’t checked out either then catch the wave.

New @YannaMaria “Candy Crush” Music Video

Austin Music Group artist YannaMaria is leading the wave for female artis in the game and she has finally unveiled her official video for her magnetic single “Candy Crush.” Putting on for the ladies, YannaMaria is clearly all about empowering the women around her while making sure the men know she has no time for games. In the video, we find Yanna linking up with all her ladies, flexing their moves and seemingly have the time of their lives. With a brand new album on the way, expect big things from the rising star, YannaMaria.


LA x Gucci Mane “I Made It” | @BlackBagLa

  Black Bag Entertainment artist and Minneapolis representative LA is looking to make an impact across the map as the end of the year approaches and he does just that in a huge way. Grabbing one of the hottest features in the industry, LA connects with the one and only Gucci Mane for “I Made It”—a billowing, relentless single that finds LA and Guwop basking over what it has taken to get to the top. The new single comes from the upcoming Black Bag ENT mixtape titled The Drop, Volume 1 (featuring Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Nipsey Hussle, and Gucci Mane). The mixtape also features Black Bag ENT artists Momoh and Suzie Soprano”



Montage – “What’s The Combo” (ft. YFN Lucci)

As summer gets underway, Montage brings his collaboration with YFN Lucci full circle as he delivers the official video for “What’s The Combo.” In the video, directed by Marc Diamond, Montage and Lucci throw an extravagant party with countless beautiful ladies. Ready for the radio, “What’s The Combo” effortlessly combines Montage’s velvety vocals with YFN Lucci’s undeniable demeanor and signature ad-libs, ultimately delivering one of the hottest songs to arrive this year.

“Working with Lucci was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. He is super down to earth and just willing to work,” Montage explained when asked about his new collaboration with the Atlanta emcee. Montage went on to say, “The video was amazing and everyone gave 110% and just had fun… great vibes.”

“What’s The Combo” is available across all platforms [HERE]

Twitter: @RealMontage_ @YFNLUCCI

[Event] Global Brand Boyz Continues w/ #ShiningFridays at Cephora Lounge #ATL

Friday April 28th Global Brand Boyz are back at Cephora Lounge Atl with the continuation of #ShiningFridays after its successful launch on April 21st. Flu Season TV are back to host alongside Kiko Blac, Molly World Casting, and So Official Baddies. DJ Lucky Ant will be killing it on the 1’s and 2’s with all of today’s banging records.

This Friday we will celebrate the birthday of Star Bri. Ladies you still get in FREE all night by sending an RSVP text to 404-902-2019; bottle service, birthdays, and table reservations are also available by texting this number. Doors open at 10pm. This and Every Friday Night.

Food | Drink | Hookah

Cephora Lounge is located at: 3649 Clairmont RD, Atlanta, GA 30341

DaBaby aka @babyjesus704 went viral, Walking Around 6th Street in Austin, TX at SXSW in a Diaper. Check it ou PLUS New Single!

Charlotte, NC artist DaBaby has been on fire as of late with his hit single “Light Show,” as well as the official remix with Yo Gotti, on repeat across airwaves throughout the countr and racking up over 1 million plays across digital platforms. Keeping a buzz around his name, DaBaby made his presence felt in Austin, TX and surprised the masses at SXSW by staying true to his name and showing up in nothing but a diaper, literally. After creating a tidal wave of noise at SXSW, DaBaby returns with “Comin’ Over” — a slow-winding single that effortlessly caters to all the late night escapades DaBaby, and many others, find themselves immersed in after that late night “Wyd?” text message.

DaBaby went viral last week when a video popped up on Worldstarhiphop of the North Carolina rapper walking around 6th Street in Austin, TX at SXSW in a diaper.

IG: @dababy

Twitter: @babyjesus704

@DjFunkyATL X @DerajGlobal Presents Cuffing Season Exclusive Album Release Party

The legendary Dj Funky and Deraj will be hosting the official “Cuffing

Season” album release party. The “Cuffing Season” album release will take party will take place at The

City nightclub, located at 495 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30308.
RED CARPET will begin promptly at


The event will consist of performances and a listening session for the album. Music will be played

by Dj Cstyles.

Atlanta, GA- On March 22, 2017
TH CITY (formerly Evilla)
495 Peachtree Street


“Cuffing Season” is an R&B album that was created to bring an enticement to a genre that is consistently

overlooked. With the diversity in style and sound, this album is sure to make a huge impact on the

Atlanta R&B market. This celebrity filled event will leave an impact on the ignition of bringing R&B back

to the Atlanta music scene in a major way.

For all press inquiries please contact Amy Hanks @ 678.822.1797 or