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Dj Funky OG New Album | @DjFunkyATL


Dj Funky Does It Again

Since 2011 DJ Funky has provided the perfect soundtrack for smokers (and non smokers) everywhere with “Smoking While we Drive” and “Still Smoking While We Drive” in 2014. After a small hiatus, DJ Funky returns with another smokers album, “Funky OG”, dropping just in time for 4/20.

The 15 track album is available on iTunes and features tracks from rising artists Mozzy and club favorite, “Throw it Back”, by Joe Gifted and Trap Beckham. The entire album is laced with tracks to set the mood so whether you’re partying or chilling you’ll have something to vibe to.

The best part about this album is that DJ Funky stays true to his craft and introduces us to some new artists. Remember when DJ’s actually broke records and artists? Well don’t expect to hear the same artists you always hear on the radio; get ready to get put on to that new new.

4/20 only comes once a year but albums like this can make a day feel like a lifetime. With legalization spreading across the nation, it’s only right that DJ Funky do it for the culture! So before you get your 4/20 blazing, be sure to get that Funky OG blazing first!

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Big Hud – “Got My Own” ft. Yella Beezy & Lil Ronny MothaF

Big Hud premieres a massive collaboration with Dallas, TX rappers Yella Beezy and Lil Ronny MothaF. Produced by Marz Beats, “Got My Own” is set to appear on Big Hud’s LP, Big Dawg Johnson, due out late 2018.

Christian Radke – “Love No More” (Official Video)

New Orleans singer / songwriter Christian Radke premieres the visuals for “Love No More”, produced by Mantra. The video, produced by 2KTHOMAS, depicts Christian post-breakup at the bar drinking away the memory of his ex. With his heart on his sleeve, Radke sings about an experience nearly everyone can relate to.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan Returns to Hoodrich Radio w/ DJ Scream [Video]

Hoodrich Pablo Juan returned to Hoodrich Radio to chop it up with DJ Scream and Moran tha Man! Pablo discusses new moves including new videos and music, how things have changed since finding success, what’s next for him, and more. For more info follow @Hoodrich_PabloJuan!

Watch: Hoodrich Pablo Juan Returns to Hoodrich Radio w/ DJ Scream [Video]

A Well Deserved “Win” for @RunwayRichy

Runway Richy with another Win

Runway pulls out some soulful vibes for his new track Win. Produced by Evil G, Richy trades the usual kick drums for soulful bass lines that will have you itching for a live performance. They say quitters never win and after putting in years of work, and nearly losing his life, Richy uses this track like his ghetto gospel. The track, is just one of the singles off of China Cafeteria 2, his latest release, and shows more of his artistry outside of the usual club bangers.

This song’s message will hit deep on many levels and the video is equally heart-wrenching. To avoid a spoiler alert, I’ll let you check the video out yourself below, but it touches on how in today’s society it’s so easy for innocent victims to become criminals.

Win is a song for the hood, but it’s also the song for anybody that’s determined to overcome whatever obstacles are standing between them and success. Rap music is often placed in a box of being solely about material gain and violence, but this song and the video even more so, prove that rap music can be cool and still be a positive reflection in the community. This song is a win not only because it’s lyrically and musically a win but because it’s more of what Hip Hop needs. This song is a win because we all need inspiration when we’re on our last leg. Not everyone can be Kendrick Lamar, but if you have a voice, you can use it for something powerful. Do your self a favor and check this song out and share the wealth; somebody probably needs to hear this message.