[Mixtape] Madoff (@550Madoff) – Street Kingz

Madoff (@550Madoff), Paper trail CEO is definitely a Street King with royalty​ to prove it. I absolutely salute his grind. Coming home only 2 years ago from doing nearly 5yrs in prison,he immediately got on the road with his family “Freebandz Future” and began getting a feel for the industry. 

In less than 6months, 550 was in the studio recording tracks turning his reality into lyrics. Freebandz Casino wasted no time collaborating with his “la familia” on more than 5 songs This guy is the real deal, royal in his own fashion. Enjoy this mixtape it is the 1st of many and stays on replay with me! My favorite songs are Ready 2 Ride, (video below) , I Hustle, & Grindin Hard!


Checkout The “Ready 2 Ride” Video ft Casino


[Video] Future (@1Future) – My Savages

As I told y’all before, “My Savages” is one of my favorite songs. With lines like ” My lil dog caught a murder, gone for infinity, dumping ashes on your obituary, I know you feeling me” it would be impossible for me to not feel this song. Future does lose me a tad bit with all the rich ni##a talk lol, but definitely not in a bad way. Listen, I’m not rich, but I can appreciate a song dedicated to the savages still out here in the trenches. One thing we know for sure is the lyrics for “The Wizard” are true from the trenches to the Trumph Tower! Check Freebandz President newest visual from the MONSTER mixtape.

Behind The Scenes of TK and Cash “Mind Right” Video Shoot

Signed to the DTP record label, Darien Townsend, whose stage name is C.A.$.H., and Tevin Thompson whose stage name it T.K., are l “Disturbing The Peace” throughout the music industry. Both T.K. and C.A.$.H. caught my attention one Monday at the New Music Monday with my team. I was invited to be apart of their very 1st major video for single “Mind Right” with the likes of DC Young Fly and comedian Buck Wild. Check it out below, afterwards make sure and watch video and check out my cameo!