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|VIDEO| Jeezy ft Bankroll Fresh “All There”

It’s hard to listen to Bankroll Fre$h’s music without feeling that same eerie feeling fans felt when listening to Biggie or Pac after they died. But it’s only right that Jeezy feature the young Trap King on his latest album Trap or Die 3. All There is the latest single release from Young Jeezy and though the video doesn’t feature Bankroll himself, Bankroll PJ can been seen repping for his late-great uncle. Both rappers were known for putting on for the city so its somewhat of a shock that this is the first track they did together. Bankroll was still climbing his ladder of success so when the big homie Young Jeezy places you on his album, consider it an honor. Hopefully, Atlanta doesn’t see any more legends go too soon, but it makes you wonder what other Bankroll features are yet to come out of the vault.


[INTERVIEW] Shawty Fresh Speaks On The Emotion Of ATL Since The Death Of Bankroll Fresh & Release From Jail

In a recent interview with Street Execs producer Shawty Fresh, he speaks on producing for Trouble, Cap1, Cool Amerika, YFN Lucci, Philthy Rich, Soulja Boy, Kash Doll & upcoming single with Young Greatness.

“My goal is to stay connected to the streets”

Shawty Fresh also speaks on his goals for the 4th and 1st quarter and regaining his love for music since the death of Bankroll Fresh.

“Music is a feeling & my feeling for music was killed when Bankroll passed & it took me a minute to get back right”

Shawty Fresh vows to keep Bankroll Fresh’s name alive through his music.

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Trinidad James Reflects On Bankroll Fresh Death and Funeral: I Miss Him, I Always Will

Trinidad born/Los Angeles residing rapper and Gold Gang/TIG Records member, Trinidad James, sits down with DJ Smallz and reflects on the death of fellow rapper Bankroll Fresh, who was shot and killed at Street Execs studio in Atlanta on March 4th, his memories of the Atlanta native, attending his funeral and if the events that have unfolded change the way he operates. Watch & Comment Below

State of Atlanta: An Address to The Streets | Rip Bankroll Fresh

It’s with great sadness that I write this. I actually had to take a couple days to gather my thoughts because when I first heard the news I was not only shocked but angered. The saddest thing about the death of Bankroll Fresh is that this a narrative and script all too familiar in the black community. Young black male, doing something productive, shot and killed for no apparent reason. What this incident speaks to is not just the violence, but the “crabs in a barrel” culture that has come to characterize black people.

This story made national headlines—CNN, Rolling Stone, TMZ, and other media outlets couldn’t wait to cover the story. I had to wait, because this isn’t just another rapper who got shot, this touches close to home. This deeper than rap.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of Atlanta’s hottest artists, but before they reach the mainstream. What the mainstream can’t report is how deep Bankroll’s reach extended. If you really know Bankroll then you know about the Street Money Worldwide team. See, even without the label, Bankroll was really out there. We’re not talking about one of those transient, out-of-towners, who moved here and lived here long enough to claim Atlanta. No, this is pure bred ATLien straight out of Zone 3. We’re talking about an 80’s baby who knew Atlanta before ’96. The last of a dying breed. And you could tell from his music that even though he came out of the “New Atlanta”, he’s a definite product of the Real A. There’s a difference.

I say, “Last of a dying breed” and nowadays that’s becoming more than a cliché. See, everyday this happens. Bankroll Fresh is yet another Black Martyr. I hope that from his death we can see the bigger picture. A lot of people forget that Atlanta is a cesspool for the Black Market. And in a society that glorifies money and murder, people will kill for little to nothing. Atlanta is starting to set another trend and if you’ve been paying close attention you’ve noticed. OG Double D was enough, the Hood Legend Pnut killed, But even Wayne’s tour bus getting shot up, Rick Ross’ studio getting shot up, and now this… THE HATIN’ HAS TO STOP!!!

The city has been rocked! And it needs to mourn. I was trying to avoid comparisons with Tupac but Bankroll had that same type of rugged charisma that you knew and loved. And his death, on a local level, feels just as heavy as Tupac’s. This loss symbolizes something that right now I can’t completely put into words.

My truest heartfelt thoughts go out to the close family and friends, the entire Street Money Worldwide Team, everyone at Street Execs, all the other artists and producers who knew him and worked with him, Zaytoven my heart goes to you, for it was you introduced us to that “Yung Fresh” original sound to begin with, all the day one fans, and all the new fans.

Even before his death, his last album was a classic in my book. Now, it’s a hip-hop classic; this is hip-hop history. I need the city to pay homage. I need the industry to pay homage. I need the streets to wake up.


Spotlife @SpotlifeMovement Releases “On Sight” [Official Video] via Worldstar

If there is one movement you have noticed, Spotlife is definitely top of the list. “Spotlife Movement” a collective of convicts, rappers, businessmen, trappers, producers, and goons has been shaking up the music scene nearly 2 years now since the release of one of their main members “Dirt” a couple other key players are Ant BANKS, Pha, & of course Bankroll Fresh. They recently dropped the Official Video for their explosive single “On Sight” yesterday on Worldstar Hip Hop. Check Out the video below:

Dirtogunjobi ft Bankroll Fresh & Ant Banks “On Sight”