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Ock Cobain – Designer Fashion [Video]

Tru Alliance presents the visuals for Ock Cobain’s new single “Designer Fashion,” produced by Mackboy. The dope melodies originate from southern, bass-heavy, snappy snares, low end 808, and trap styles of music making “Designer Fashion” a diverse addition to this rising rapper’s catalog.

DOWNLOAD: Ock Cobain – Designer Fashion


[Song Of The Week] VIDEO (@OfficialSix9) “Stove” #BangerAlert

I recently told you all about Six 9 #Six9 (@officialsix9) and this banging track Stove. In case you forgot he is a rapper out of South Carolina in Atlanta on his grind. This track is hard and I like it. To read more on #Six9 CLICK HERE  Watch the video for his NEW SINGLE #STOVE [FREE DOWNLOAD] 

In remembrance of Dj Screw #Legendary [Full Documentary]

In remembrance of DJ Screw, check out The Untold Story [Full Documentary].


Houston is a well-known hip-hop hub, and that’s largely due to the music of DJ Screw. By pioneering the chopped and screwed remixing method, Screw is one of the first dudes to make really slow rap music cool. It’s safe to say that the music of Texans like UGK would be different if it weren’t for his legacy, but it’s also likely that modern rap– the A$AP Rocky, Drake, Migos of the world– would have different styles as well.

Born forty-four years ago yesterday, DJ Screw (real name Robert Earl Davis Jr.) was able to alter the trajectory of hip-hop forever, and so it’s important to give him some respect.

Who Is Six9 (@OfficialSix9)

Six9_Studio_PhotographSix9 is a South Carolina native who has been rapping frequently throughout his life. In and out of jail and prison Six9 finally made his mind up to pursue his music career. When asked whats harder to accomplish music or hustling , he said music. “This is one of the roughest grinds I have ever faced in my life” , he replied. His collaboration with Lil Wayne is one of his biggest accomplishments and dreams in the making. On a personal note, I liked the single “Karma Sutra” he had with Lil Wayne Listen Here However, he killed it with “Stove”LISTEN + DOWNLOAD HERE

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Instagram: @843Six9
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