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@1Future and Rocko Settle Out of Court but is it Really Over?

Since news of the legal dispute between Rocko and Future began rumors were swarming as to what the settlement would be. Would they go to court? Would their legal dispute end like a dirty divorce? Secretly I think people were hoping for the worst, but it seems to have faired well for both business man. You can bet that the memes were hot and ready and soon as reports revealed that the the two settled in a seven figure deal. But what started messy has ended pretty clean. It is also a smart decision, especially for Future who probably saved thousands in court fees by settling. Also from early reports, Rocko will be getting less than the $10 million he originally proposed. So for Future it seems like a win-win situation. What makes this kind of petty is that the money Future is about to pay out, he’ll make back when the next song drops. When will Rocko ever see this kind of money from a music deal again. Since Future, there hasn’t been a major artist to drop from A1 Records. 

Both have been rather hush hush since the news broke, but I’m sure someone will break the silence soon. Some of Future’s remarks were harsh to say the least early on so we’ll see….

As far as loyalty is concerned though, because that has come into question on both sides, I don’t think either should be questioned. The difference is that this is about business and nothing personal. Rocko felt legally entitled to funds he hadn’t received for a business deal the the two had. Regardless of their friendship, business is business. One of the main reasons why people are coming at Rocko though is because his motive seems shady. Greed is actually the word people are using to describe his motive.

If Future’s deal with Epic was unsuccessful and didn’t come with a HUGE advance and too many hits and credits to count, would Rocko still be pursuing this money? Future’s contribution to A1 Records will go down in Hip Hop history and at this point I think it’s pointless to argue over who made who. But it’s obvious who’s success has surpassed the others. Hopefully, Rocko is content with the settlement because Future’s grind hasn’t slowed down. In fact, since signing with Epic in 2011 Future has dropped six albums, three of which were number on Billboard 100. As far as what’s next for Rocko… we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, we can say goodbye to another Rocko featuring Future track


Asap Ferg & @1Future Takes it to A New Level | NEW VIDEO

When Ferg and ASAP Rocky first dropped people kept wondering why these New York artists had such a non New York style. It was evident now more than ever that the Southern influence has made its way to the Big Apple. Though Ferg is the first of the ASAP Mob to get Future on a track, I’m sure he won’t be the last. In preparation for his new album, Always Strive and Prosper, the two heavy weights hit us with the high powered single, New Level. And the video is crack! OMG Future got Them moves for real! ASAP Ferg has always pushed the bounds of creativity with his music videos and this one is no different. Throughout the video he even flaunts Samsung’s Level headphones. They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect song to do product placement.
Rapper, check. Brand ambassador, check. What’s the next level for Ferg? Well, we’re still waiting on a release date for the new album, but at the rate he’s going don’t be surprised if he follows ASAP Rocky’s motion and get involved in other industries, like fashion etc…Check out the Video Below!

@1Future & 2015 FBG Wrap Up Video

When 2015 started people were still high off “Monster”, so with the release of “Beast Mode” in January followed by “56 Nights” in March, fans were about to overdose when “DS2” released in July. So when WATTBA broke the internet it was like getting the gift you always wanted but never even asked for. In today’s industry concert sales hold more value than album sales and it’s hard to find artists that achieve Certified Gold and even harder to find, Certified Platinum. Well, both ‘Jumpman’ and ‘Where Ya At?’ went platinum before the new year and still top the Billboard Charts. You can’t turn the radio on without hearing one of his hits—not to mention the songs he has writing credits on. But now that the flames are dying down people are looking for what 2016 has in store. Will 2016 be another FBG takeover? Rumors of a ‘Monster 2’ and ‘Beast Mode 2’ have circulated but no official dates have been released so we’ll have to wait and see. Check out the Wrap Up below!

@1Future [Rich Sex] Official Video oooh!

This is the moment a lot of people have been waiting for. The “Rich Sex” video from Future with Blac Chyna as the leading lady. The video is moist beyond measures, however, it is tastefully sexy, I don’t care about the rumors Chyna looks great, Future lays down his sexiness in the video and I’m sure the panty dropping has went to Pluto! You MUST see the video, the kissing, the hunching, ooh wee you all are in for a ride. You might need a cold shower after this one #RichSex. I never had it, but if its anything like this I’ll be sure to add to my bucket list. Check out the video, let me know what you think.

Download “DS2” at iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DS2
Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/DS2mp3
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/DS2Sptfy
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/DS2GP


(c) 2015 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment/A1

My Favorite @1Future DS2 Track #StickTalk #StickTalk

I waited, and waited now its here #StickTalk #StickTalk
“You Cant Understand Us Cause You Too Soft” -Future
These words so true in so many ways, I can name 1000 ppl that say I’m too aggressive but truth is…… They can’t understand me #Period #FuckAFriend

Download “DS2” at iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DS2
Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/DS2mp3
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/DS2Sptfy

Future Behind The Scenes “Blood On The Money” [OFFICIAL VIDEO SHOOT]

Future shoots another video from Blazing album DS2. S/O to Fresh Start P for keeping us locked in behind the scenes. I like the video, it gave me a chance to see my guys in a way you don’t see em often. Suited up, black attire, very crispy. I love it #Freebandz

Surprise @1Future ft Drake “Where Ya At” TEASER

Yes, you can count on Atown for a sneak peek of Future and Drake’s Video “Where Ya At”

Where your ass was at dog, when niggas wouldn’t feed me?
Where your ass was at dog, when bitches didn’t need me?
Where your ass was at dog, when niggas tried to run off?
Where your ass was at dog? You made me pull this gun out
Where your ass was at, dog, you went and switched sides?
Where your ass was at, dog, when niggas spread lies on him?
Where your ass was at, dog, when the bodies came sliding?
Where your ass was at, dog, when I was serving piles?

My Favorite #FutureHive Reaction (@WhoIsRonndell) to #DS2 @1Future

As I’m scrolling YouTube, I like to look at all the reactions and reviews to Future #DS2. I came across the most interesting young man and his track by track interpretation. This guy is hilarious! Be sure to follow him on instagram: @WhoIsRonndell #FutureHive #WeWinning Check out the video below, I’m positive you will absolutely love it!

Brand New Dej Loaf Ft Future “Hey There” LIVESTREAM

FutureDejAs Future is at the top of his game right now, he teams up with (in my opinion) the most anticipated female MC in the game Dej Loaf for a nice melodic single title “Hey There” . This song is very nice, its certified mattress music. ” I Love you, I Love you, I feel it all in my stomach” -DEJ LOAF Dej Loaf is set to drop new E.P. #AndSeeThatsTheThing very soon! Im so excited the music world just cant get any better. Everybody has Future DS2 in rotation, now he teams up with “Lil Loaf” Im like whet only thing better that can happen is 2pac dropping a mixtape 2morrow for real! Enjoy the stream & gaze at Dej’s beautiful cover. OMG she is everything!!

[Full Video] Future’s (@1Future) DS2 Album Release Party NYC

Future celebrated the release of DS2 with a party in NYC where he performed some songs from the album and recent mixtapes. Constanty speaking to the fans! “S/O to Esco for that Monster, If it wasnt for you I wouldnt have did Beastmode – Future” Video by @Nigel_D

Rappers Who Quoted DS2 on Twitter: @1Future Winning!

“Dirty Sprite 2” was a big hit among Future’s fellow rappers.

According to Hot New Hip Hop.com:

Dirty Sprite 2 may be projected to do huge first week sales numbers, but Future got just as much #DS2 love from other rappers as he did from fans, as numerous rappers quoted lyrics from the album on Twitter to let everyone know they were bumping it. In terms of respect, that counts for at least as much as a good old fashioned plug.Somewhat surprisingly, Future’s “I ain’t got no manners for no sluts / I’mma put my thumb in her butt” line from “Stick Talk” got no Twitter love. “Where Ya At,” Rich $ex,” “Thought It Was a Drought,” and “Rotation” were favorites among Future’s peers as they bumped DS2 along with the rest of us.

See what DS2 bars each rapper was feeling after the jump.DS2TWEET8DS2TWEET9DS2TWEET7DS2TWEET3DS2TWEETDS2TWEET2