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@1Future and Rocko Settle Out of Court but is it Really Over?

Since news of the legal dispute between Rocko and Future began rumors were swarming as to what the settlement would be. Would they go to court? Would their legal dispute end like a dirty divorce? Secretly I think people were hoping for the worst, but it seems to have faired well for both business man. You can bet that the memes were hot and ready and soon as reports revealed that the the two settled in a seven figure deal. But what started messy has ended pretty clean. It is also a smart decision, especially for Future who probably saved thousands in court fees by settling. Also from early reports, Rocko will be getting less than the $10 million he originally proposed. So for Future it seems like a win-win situation. What makes this kind of petty is that the money Future is about to pay out, he’ll make back when the next song drops. When will Rocko ever see this kind of money from a music deal again. Since Future, there hasn’t been a major artist to drop from A1 Records. 

Both have been rather hush hush since the news broke, but I’m sure someone will break the silence soon. Some of Future’s remarks were harsh to say the least early on so we’ll see….

As far as loyalty is concerned though, because that has come into question on both sides, I don’t think either should be questioned. The difference is that this is about business and nothing personal. Rocko felt legally entitled to funds he hadn’t received for a business deal the the two had. Regardless of their friendship, business is business. One of the main reasons why people are coming at Rocko though is because his motive seems shady. Greed is actually the word people are using to describe his motive.

If Future’s deal with Epic was unsuccessful and didn’t come with a HUGE advance and too many hits and credits to count, would Rocko still be pursuing this money? Future’s contribution to A1 Records will go down in Hip Hop history and at this point I think it’s pointless to argue over who made who. But it’s obvious who’s success has surpassed the others. Hopefully, Rocko is content with the settlement because Future’s grind hasn’t slowed down. In fact, since signing with Epic in 2011 Future has dropped six albums, three of which were number on Billboard 100. As far as what’s next for Rocko… we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, we can say goodbye to another Rocko featuring Future track


Checkout Behind The Scenes w Future & Dj Esco

Belvedere presents an inside into success in 2017. Through the lens of Future—who, by now, needs no introduction as his most two recent albums hit number one on the Billboard charts back to back—we talk to DJ Esco, one of Future’s right hands and one of the minds who helps make the Atlanta star pop. Both Future and Esco show what it’s like to move from the depths of Atlanta to the world’s biggest stage.

[Single] Big Bank ft Future – 25 Squares

Atlanta, GA; Duct Tape Infinity’s, very own Big Bank aka “GATEWAY TO THE STREETS” formerly known as Big Bank Black is coming at the hip-hop world as hard as crack did when it hit in the 80’s. Linking up with Good Life Music Group and adding more people to his team has proven to be a smart business move because it allows Big Bank to keep his focus, ON THE MUSIC. Within the first 2 months of 2017 he has already released a solo track titled “I Did It” and “No Love” featuring artist Law. Funny thing is nobody anticipated his next release to be done so quick and in a fashion reserved for major artists.

Normally artists do a “coming soon” campaign or build anticipation another way when prepping to release new tracks, especially independent artists, but Wheezy, whom is the producer of “25 Squares” posted the record featuring Future and Big Bank on his SoundCloud page officially taking over hip hop blogs and dj databases. The blogs are asking “is this a new record”, “where did this come from”, among various other questions. Our team sat back and allowed the music to do the talking, but to make things official we decided now is the perfect time to answer a few questions being asked by major blogsites, as well as to put the word out that Big Bank is not going to slow down anytime soon. This melodic trap record took what Big Bank does best; which is, in your face, cut throat, real-life lyrics, mixed it with Future’s laid back delivery and created a track that we will be hearing a lot more of. Wheezy is best known for his works with other major artists, but little did he know when creating this track that Big Bank featuring Future would be the track that tastemakers, djs, bloggers, and fans were going to create a demand for. A brand-new record, done by two of Atlanta’s homegrown, same city powerhouses, and a super-talented producer to round out the sound…we present to you “25 Squares”.

A real hustler knows that you never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing, so just when you think you have this artist figured out, he just might surprise you with what he does next.

Click [Here] To Download/Stream


Connect w/ Big Bank:
Twitter: @BigBankDTE
Instagram: BigBankDTE
Snapchat: www.snapchat.com/add/BigBankDTE

|NEW VIDEO| Ralo ft Future “My Brothas”

Ralo made headlines a couple months back for making it rain at a homeless shelter in Atlanta. Yet despite all of the recent fame and attention the self proclaimed Robin Hood can still be found in the heart of the city and has put the entire West End on his back. Even though Future has risen from the ranks of local/underground talent, he’s not too major to hop on a track with a fellow hometown spitter. With the loss of two legends from the Eastside (Bankroll Fre$h) and the Westside (Shawty Lo) it’s good to see Zone 4 and Zone 6 unite on a track—and the title couldn’t be more perfect. My Brothers is the second track by the Black Migo Gang artist featuring Future, and debuted on his latest mixtape Diary of the Streets 2. It’s only been about 2 months since the mixtape release, but with all the news buzzing around his name, don’t be surprised if we get another tape real soon! Check Out The Video

Future “Poppin Tags” |OFFICIAL VIDEO|

Future has his fans wondering Whats Next since his social media went dark. The Wizard stepped right in 2017 with new music to feed us all. We may not know whats going on, but we know he still got the Juice despite personal issues. I personally REALLY like this song, the hook is addictive & the flow is effortless. The video so cold, we see turbans & all types of “middle eastern” swag in this project.Take a look and let us know what you think….

[NEW VIDEO] Lil Wayne ft Future & Yo Gotti “Cross Me”

In the heat of the Yung Thug, Birdman and Lil Wayne fiasco, Wayne dropped Cross Me on his much anticipate No Ceilings 2. Most of the tape featured beat jacks that Wayne is definitely known for but this track was all original and the only song with a video release. This song must hold some special importance because it’s been almost four months since the mixtape dropped and finally we’re getting a visual. It was rumored that this track was a response to the beef that cooking between Yung Thug, Wayne and Cash Money. Whether that’s true or not is for you to decide. Either way the video, directed by Eif Rivera, tells a story of betrayal and lust; a perfect match for this song. Until his next solo release fans can listen to his latest collab album with 2Chainz, ColleGrove, and await visuals to drop, which I’m sure are dropping soon!

Savannah Phan aka Ling Ling Reveals How She Got Popular, Meeting Future, Fans, Haters

Houston social media sensation, Savannah Phan aka Ling Ling, sits down with DJ Smallz and reveals how she got popular on social media dancing with money, meeting celebrities, fans, haters, and more.

Have you seen a clip of Ling Ling dancing to one of your favorite rap songs? Sound off by posting a comment below.

Asap Ferg & @1Future Takes it to A New Level | NEW VIDEO

When Ferg and ASAP Rocky first dropped people kept wondering why these New York artists had such a non New York style. It was evident now more than ever that the Southern influence has made its way to the Big Apple. Though Ferg is the first of the ASAP Mob to get Future on a track, I’m sure he won’t be the last. In preparation for his new album, Always Strive and Prosper, the two heavy weights hit us with the high powered single, New Level. And the video is crack! OMG Future got Them moves for real! ASAP Ferg has always pushed the bounds of creativity with his music videos and this one is no different. Throughout the video he even flaunts Samsung’s Level headphones. They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect song to do product placement.
Rapper, check. Brand ambassador, check. What’s the next level for Ferg? Well, we’re still waiting on a release date for the new album, but at the rate he’s going don’t be surprised if he follows ASAP Rocky’s motion and get involved in other industries, like fashion etc…Check out the Video Below!

@1Future’s Purple Reign Tour Continues to Shower Fans|Exclusive NYC Footage Future sets the record Straight!

Would you believe that tickets to Future’s Purple Reign tour cost as much as Beyoncé tickets? Yeah. Tickets to Future’s concert in Atlanta peaked at $1200 and to a sold out crowd but fans were let down with hopes for a second show as the 22 city tour moved right on schedule to the next stop. Now in Texas, the tour is entering its West Coast loop before closing out in South Carolina. Both Future, and the opener, Ty Dolla $ign, have released two major projects right before this tour, Purple Reign and Evol for Future, and Airplane Mode and Free TC for Ty Dolla. fuThis gives the artists even more material to perform with and fans more music to vibe to. The two combined are like the King and Prince of the turn-up so imagine how crazy the crowd goes when Ty and Future Hendrix performed “Blasé”. The screams of fans are probably still echoing from the walls but if you missed the show in your city, there’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait until the next tour.

Now, his performance in NYC was definitely something to talk about! He set the RECORD straight on who really the Plug, while he drips in Designer! Please watch the LIVE ACTION below


Revolt TV Presents @Future Goes Ape Sh*t LIVE on Honda Stage!

After a stellar 2015, fans were thrilled when Future announced his upcoming Purple Reign tour kicking off in February. If you can’t wait until then you now have the power to catch a live concert experience in the palm of your hand or the comfort of your home. It was Diddy’s plan to revolutionize TV and music and he did just that with Revolt TV live. Future’s recent performance to a high-energy, packed crowd on the Honda Stage was just a snippet of what we can expect on his upcoming tour and one of the first times he rocked that stage. If this made you want to buy tickets for his upcoming tour, you better act quick, tickets are selling fast.