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Slowly – GP The Gentleman FT Gucci Mane [AUDIO]

Gp the Gentleman & Brother Phero & R&B singer X hooks up with Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, in hit single “Slowly”!

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#TheProgressReport :: Dun Deal Speaks On Being A Black Man In America & Importance Of Patience As A Producer [INTERVIEW]

During an exclusive interview with music producer Dun Deal, he reveals that he started in the music industry as a artist and eventually transitioned to a producer in 2006. Dun describes the life of a producer as a constant cycle of working daily, pushing the artists you believe in and being patient waiting for your time to shine.

For those who are not familiar with Dun Deal, he is the credited producer of hits such as Young Thugs “Stoner”, Migos “Hannah Montana”, Logics “Burried Alive”, Futures “No Love” & “Double Cups & Molly”, Gucci Manes “Point In My Life”, Ca$hOut “She Twerkin” and many more. Dun Deal began working with these artists prior to them being household names and advices upcoming producers to stick with anyone who they believe in.

“My mind works in the music- almost as if I was trained to play”.

Dun Deal describes his production style as soulful but not churchy and is able to pin point a hit if he keeps playing it over and over.

2017 is a rebirth for the producer as the past year he was dealing with legal issues involving him being falsely accused for a crime he did not commit. This year Dun Deal is looking forward to his upcoming joint mixtape with fellow producer C4.

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Old School Meets The New In A Collaborative Video From G Dot, Born & Masta Ace – “Ghetto Survivors” [MUSIC VIDEO]

[Old School Meets The New In A Collaborative Video From G Dot, Born & Masta Ace – “Ghetto Survivors”]

Boston artists G Dot & Born teamed up with Hip Hop vet Masta Ace for their new record, “Ghetto Survivors”. A tale of growing up in the hood and having the weight of the world on their shoulders but always making the best of the circumstances at hand.

Masta Ace is a Hip Hop pioneer and is helping groom the young emcees. G Dot & Born are delighted and honored to have the support of the legend and dedicate the record to all the OGs in the game.

Check out Born’s latest mixtape Nasa below:


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Str8OutDaPot: Meet Next Big Artists From ATL 1-5 Yung Mal & Lil Quil

Meet rising artists, Yung Mal & Lil Quil, blessed little bastards and products of East Atlanta, Candler RD to be exact. During an exclusive interview with The Progress Report, Yung Mal & Lil Quil discuss creating 1-5 from the ground up and earning respect from their peers and OG’s. The 2 also discuss their harsh reality and hardships of growing up in the projects and frequently losing brothers and friends to the streets.

Yung Mal speaks on surviving Hurricane Katrina with his mother and losing everything that he once knew. Atlanta was a breath of fresh air for the young emcee and teacher of life experiences – from the dope game, sex, and anything in between.

“Streets been waiting on us… Gotta grind so you can shine and it may take time.”

Music is everything to the young emcees, telling stories is second nature since they have much weighing on their hearts and minds. Both admit to never having anything but always remaining thankful with the smile of a millionaire.

The death of Lil Quil’s older brother prompted the emcees to take advantage of the moment and released their aggressive hit single “Str8 Out Da Pot” which features all bars and no hook. 1-5’s debut mixtape “Blessed Lil Bastards” is set to release January 5th (1-5) hosted by Hoodrich Pablo Jaun.

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Zoe Vendetta & Cae Cartier – No More Talking [MIXTAPE]


No More Talking is a collab mixtape from blood brothers Zoe Vendetta & Cae Cartier from East Atlanta. Zoe is the older brother and creator of the mantra #FuckAFriendLifestyle, while Cae is the laid back ambitious emcee.

Both have the same interest in music and are the voice of the youth and hope to make noise in the music industry with their debut mixtape.

The 10 track project showcases their versatility and details stories of coming from the bottom and building their name from the ground up.

No More Talking will feature appearances from Yung Booke and CosaNostra Kidd and will be hosted by the latest edition of Hoodrich DJs, DJ Yungrel, DJ Kobyroc, & Tezhoodrich.

“Act Up” is the official single from the project and the music video will be releasing the top of 2017.

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Born – Nasa VOL 1 [MIXTAPE]


Boston Hip Hop Born launched his first installation of his “Nasa” mixtape series.

Nasa features hardcore lyrics catering to the essence of east coast rap, topped with heavy melodic beats.

Born is no rookie to the music industry as he has headlined several tours in Europe and China from 2013 to 2015, dominating the underground Hip Hop scene.

Nasa is Born’s second solo project in the past year.

Check out Born’s latest video “I Do It My Way” directed by Keemotion via YouTube.

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Meet Trappa Of The Year Blacc Zacc! “I Been Speaking That Trap Shit, I Do This Shit Forreal” #TheProgressReport

Blacc Zacc is a seasoned artist hailing from Columbia, South Carolina and also CEO of a record label, Dirty Money ENT. During an interview with The Progress Report, Blacc Zacc discusses pursuing his rap career since 2009 and has 6 mixtapes to his name.
“I do this shit forreal, houses in different states, new wipes, no flexing.”
After being caught with over 20 pounds and beating the case, Blacc Zacc began to take his career more serious and has been focused ever since. Although he enjoys the independent grind, Blacc Zacc is not opposed to signing with a major label but will not sign for anything less than $300k.
Earlier this year, Blacc Zacc’s single, “100 Bandz” went viral with the help of Young Dolph and online sensation, Ling Ling.
Blacc Zacc hopes to provide a better quality life for his family and will be releasing his seventh project, Dirty World December 17th.

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[INTERVIEW] @NoShakeFilms Interviews Lalaa Shepard (The Progress Report & Femcee.net)

South Carolina blogger & videographer NoShakeFilms stopped by Atlanta, GA to speak music, politics, & grinding with Lalaa Shepard – the go-to source for Digital PR, Social Media Management, & Project Conception.

“Music is my everyday life and everything reminds me of music. I took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta in 2013 after graduating from Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) with a degree in Public Relations & Business Management and began serving as an intern for the Coalition DJs of Atlanta.

My daily responsibilities included going from club to club ensuring that certain priority records were being played while helping build and maintain consumer relations. During this time period, I also worked as an assistant for several producers such as Dun Deal, Sonny Digital, Honorable C Note, Nard & B and several others.

Working in such untraditional work environments taught me self-discipline and time management. While building my name and brand, I taught myself how to shoot and edit videos, build websites, and I now partner with several major blog sites to offer exclusive and original content written and conducted by myself.

I have an interview series called The Progress Report where I speak to artists, producers, and taste makers about life, business, music and anything in between. My interviews are a way to showcase the personality and characteristics of new and upcoming talent and also a way to learn from legends. (Youtube/LalaaShep)

The Progress Report is original and organic and reminds me of the structure of Rap City The Basement as musicians are able to connect with me through conversations and shed light on their lives from a personal perspective.

I have a weekly radio show on Highly Unique Radio Station also called The Progress Report, where I connect hustlers and entrepreneurs worldwide from multiple industries.

I currently manage a Hip Hop duo named Blo5k, assist Dun Deal, and serve as a publicist for Yung LA, and several other independent brands and labels located in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston and the midwest area. Each client is treated with equal respect and services are personalized per client since no two people or brands are alike.

I pride myself on loyalty and my work ethic and ongoing commitment to being a role model for other young women to chase their dreams and define their own rules. I eventually wish to start an organization to empower young women and help build their self-esteem.”

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BLO5K Interviews With Nella D On The 411 UnCut Podcast!

Rap duo, BLO5K (Lil A & Fatt) are making moves in Atlanta and they recently toured Cincinnati for interview with Nella D on the 411 UnCut Podcast. During the interview, Blo5k discusses how they got their start in ATL, making songs with 21 Savage, and much more! Make sure you check out their latest mix-tape, Blo5k Muzik 2. Check out the interview and make sure you keep up with BLO5K on Instagram @BLO5K @B5LilA @B5_Fatt @MGMGTheLabel.

[MIXTAPE] Gafa Gamy – Cocaine Slavery (Hosted By DJ Scream & DJ Q Memphis)


Gafa Gamy is a Hip Hop recording artist from Atlanta, GA. Music has always served as a safety net and source of relief for the emcee. From losing both parents at an early age and learning to be a man through the streets, Gafa realized his pain could be turned into a musical diary.

Gafa recently linked with DJ Scream and DJ Q of Memphis & MMG for his new project, Cocaine Slavery. The term “Cocaine Slavery” is interrelated to any industry, simply meaning that every type of employment contains a form of slavery. Based off the design of the American system, the big fish profits from the small fish, with no expectation that the small fish could ever dominate the big fish. Gafa’s music and story sheds light on the contrary.

Selecting DJ Scream & DJ Q to host Cocaine Slavery is both strategic and timely. Musicians must possess a mixture of street credibility, artistry, and pizazz to have such legends vouch for their movement.

Cocaine Slavery rides like an album, listeners can get a sense of Gafa’s personality and character from the records. Gafa is more than a hustler, he is a father, a brother, and an U.S. citizen. Records such as “Plug Talk” & “The Real Wold” detail conversations between a hustler and his plug and the importance of loyalty.

The project features verses from Atlanta’s music Gods, Gucci Mane & T.I. and an array of production from 808 Mafia, Mike Will Made It, Kash Clay & Gafa co-produced several records.

Stay up to date with Gafa via IG @GafaGamy & Twitter @Gafa_Gamy.

“Pepsi” official video:


Izze The Producer Speaks On The Importance of Relationships In The Music Industry & Shares His Story [THE PROGRESS REPORT]

Meet 23 year old music producer, Izze The Producer, the hit maker of Rich Homie Quan’s “Blah Blah Blah”, Lil Durk’s “Real”, & Def Loaf’s “ Vibes”. After coming into contact three years ago in Atlanta, GA, Izze and I recently reconnected to speak on his journey as a producer, artist, & creator of all things beautiful.

During the interview, Izze speaks on the numerous sacrifices he has made traveling from his hometown of Virginia to Atlanta to pursue a career in the music industry. The energy, myths and culture of Atlanta is what intrigued Izze to relocate and position himself to become a household name. He even created his own record label, Honorary Members, which prides itself on elite artistry and quality over quantity.

“You must have a vision when you do anything”

Izze admits that his longtime relationships with Memphis rapper Young Dolph and other artists were fundamental to receiving placements. Once finding a studio home at Tree Sounds Studio in Atlanta, Izze found the perfect balance of creative freedom and opportunity. Izze hopes to follow the footsteps of musicians Zaytoven, Drumma Boy & Ryan Lesile and create endless Billboard hits.

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